Fun Activities for our Toddlers


At times we need to be in same shoes as our kids, so one evening leave all the inhibitions and act like a kid, to experience the same joy and happiness as your youngster. And in such moments, we can indulge with our kids in activities, which they generally don’t indulge in, with lots of energy and fun involved.

Fun Activities for our Toddlers

We all know that most toddlers are bundles of energy. The real challenge is to find outlets to channelize that endless energy reserve of our angels, making sure that it is safe and not tiring for parents.

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.
By Walt Disney

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.
By Katharine Hepburn

That’s the key as been rightly said in quotes, let indulge in activities, which allows to break some normal rules, keeping in mind the safety and have enormous fun.

Let us learn a few fun activities that will help in channeling your little dynamo into one of these energy-expending activities, and at the same time providing lot of excitement and enjoyment.

Indoor Activities

List of fun activities we can be performed at home.

  • Punching and Kneading bread dough: My son loves to help me in kitchen and he likes to play with the dough, most of the times, I don’t allow him to disturb me, when I’m preparing chapattis. But once a week, I provide him with little water and flour in a vessel and allow him to prepare his dough and his chapattis. This activity keeps him so involved and he is always trying to do it perfectly.
  • Punching a punching bag or pillow: Everyone of at one time when angry or bored has done so, sometime when your child is quite bored and angry just give him a punching bag or pillow, to pour out his entire frustration, to empathize with him, both of you can do it either at the same time or turn by turn, and I can assure you, after that you both will laugh on what you have been trying to do.
  • ‘Drumming’ on pots: Prepare your own xylophone if you don’t have one. Take seven glasses or cups of water. As you can guess, fill all the glasses with varying quantities of water, and now give spoons to your kid and let him invent his own music, enjoy the music with him and see him engrossed in this activity as budding artist.
  • Pounding or hammering toys: Your kid is bored and frustrated, he wants to play with you, but you are busy. Is there any option when at times, they are not ready to listen to your problems. It’s not a good day for him. Provide him with Tool set toys, if you have one and give him old toys or wooden board. Tell him to experiment something with that. After sometime of juggling, he will be calm and still mastering his architect skills.
  • Dancing to lively music: This is one of my favourite activity and my son’s as well. It’s amazing to see my son dancing ecstatically to his preferred bollywood and hollywood music. I’ve have even got a collection of video CDs and DVDs of his favourite music, so that he can learn dancing and watch his choasen stars dancing on them.
  • Kiddie Aerobics: I got to know about this activity, when one day I was doing my yoga in the morning and my son started imitating me. He told me there are a few exercises taught in his playschool as well. After that, there was no looking back, whenever my son wishes, we put on the music and we do four to five simple kid’s aerobics. Introduce something new after sometime, will help in maintaining your kid’s interests. Kid’s aerobics includes ‘toe touches’, ‘jumping jacks’, ‘turn around’, ‘knee touches’, ‘shaking your body’ and similar activities depending on your kid’s choice and stamina.
  • Pillow fights: You must be thinking have I gone nuts, but at times just for the fun sake you can indulge in such activities. Take two soft pillows and make sure that you don’t have any breakable objects near by. Remember, you are playing just for fun and excitement, so that in the end you both come out laughing and relaxed.
  • Splashing in the tub or small pool at home: I don’t think there is any kid who may not have loved to play in water, you just have to take care of safety and let your kid enjoy sometime splashing in water.
  • Running around, playing catch game keeping in mind toddler does not hurt himself and there is ample space to play such game.
  • Playing hide and seek at home.
  • Playing ‘Simon Says’: In this game you have to ask your child to touch various part of his bodies like toes, cheeks, knees, forehead, eyes, ears and so on. To make it more interesting you can also say, “Simone says turn around”, “Simon says touch the ground”, “Simon says jump high”. Rest all depends on your creativity and your kids likings.
  • Dancing on the steps of song “When you Happy and You Know”, its quite a peppy song and require kids attention to follow the lyrics and perform.

Outdoor Activities

List of Fun Activities that can be played outside the house in a playground.

  • Free play: Running, Jumping and Climbing
  • Playground Play: Swing, Slide, See-saw, Climbing frames.
  • Ball kicking and Throwing
  • ‘Rolling’ on an oversized ball.
  • Pedalling on a tricycle or scooter or similar riding toy that suits your kid.
  • Pulling a wagon
  • Splashing in a kid’s pool.
  • Roller skates for older toddlers.
  • Pulling weeds in the garden, enjoying the fun of digging the earth.
  • Playing in sand box
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