Emotional Development Milestones 8 to 10 months


Your baby is unique, with his own likes and dislikes. As his self-awareness increases, he will become more assertive and turn everyday activity into battle of wills. He will resist things if he dislikes them, though this behavior is quite frustration, we still have a saving grace, babies have short memory span, so just refocus his attention. Trust me distracting his quite easy. But you need to pull hair at sometime to find ideas, no techniques to be repeated is rule of the game.

Emotional Development

Don’t get scared, its just a phase, baby is realizing his individuality, so appreciate his distinct personality and distract him, that’s the key.

Sense of Humour

Initially baby laughed, when you used to tickle him or throw him in air and he bursts into giggles showing his pleasure and excitement. Then your visual jokes like making different faces, shaking your head or some sound will burst him in giggles. Now he can play pranks on you, he may be pushing off button on your phone and looking at you innocently, will run away when you will be calling him for something.

Trust me babies have an amazing sense of humour and all this teasing keeps us alive, my son even today, runs when I call him to drink milk. I’ve to run after him, do a little cuddle and tickling and we are all set.

Developing fears

You may notice that your baby may develop fears for things which never fightened him earlier, like sound of vacuum cleaner, food processor or whistle of pressure cooker, all this may be quite scary for him. But, don’t panic, just explain him it won’t harm him and gradually with time baby will used to it.

One of the ways is to tell him in advance what is going to happen, like before I used to clean my house, I informed my son, we’re switching on vacuum cleaner and he can change the room, this made him quite comfortable in few days.

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