About the Author

Who had the audacity to write such a book that challenges the medical recommendations for pregnant women and denies the accepted conditions which pregnant and postpartum women often face? Who is it that assures pregnant and postpartum women that they can be in control of their bodies?


That would be me, Peggy Emch, philosopher and mathematician. No, I am not a doctor and my nutrition education has been self-guided. I graduated from the University of Colorado with a bachelor’s of science in mathematics and a bachelor’s of art in philosophy. I had the opportunity to get my master’s in nutrition from Bastyr University in 2006 but a terrible event prevented it and I made the decision to follow my course independently.

And I am glad I did!

Traditional thinking about pregnancy and postpartum is flat out wrong in many ways. Our bodies need not unravel with the birth of our children.

I kept the blog, The Primal Parent, for two and a half years and witnessed the success of countless women who took control of their health while pregnant and postpartum. I know that this approach works.

My own story with the Primal diet started in 2005, before my first pregnancy. I started eating this way to recover from long standing illness and was in for a big surprise when, after dealing with infertility for years, I was suddenly pregnant. I braved this new eating strategy and was astonished to escape all of the conditions I had expected to face. My body remained in great shape and my daughter was very healthy! I experienced the same great health with my second pregnancy six years later. Both times I gained minimal weight and never lost my fitness. I was healthy the whole way through because I continued to exercise and ate only the healthiest foods.

I am so excited to share my research and experience. Writing about health is a passion of mine and making the world a happier, healthier place a goal.

While I am not writing I can be found playing the piano or bike riding or snowboarding with my family.