Physical Development Milestones for Toddlers (1-2 years)


This section of the site aims to explain you Physical Development Milestones achieved by your toddler in his second year.

Aah so you have celebrated your baby’s first birthday… Wow. Now your little angel will be called a toddler, status raised you see. Gradually your baby has got quite a control on his physical movements. So now you need to help him to become a self-sufficient individual, branching out into the world with you as a guide of course.

Physical Development

Most Important thing that we need to understand in this phase is that toddlers, like babies, don’t develop in linear progression. There are lots of bumps and humps. The period before a big step is often one of disorganization – nothing seems to go right, then all of sudden, the child is walking or talking. Progress may slow down, or even step backwards at times of stress. But with adequate support from parents at such times, help toddler to get right on the forward track.

By beginning of the second year your baby will have developed a wealth of skills on which to build new ones. He has progressed from an infant, dependent on you to meet his needs, to a very definite personality in his own right.

During your baby’s second year he is using all his senses to gain experience and understanding of his world. Physical skills are greatly increased through mobility, and mobility is increased through the development and practice of physical skills.

By the age of 24 months, your toddler will have more in common with an adult than with his newborn self in terms of abilities.

The Thirteenth Month

  • Pull up to standing position.
  • Get into sitting position.
  • Clap hands.
  • Indicate wants in ways other than crying.
  • May stand alone.
  • Use one recognizable word.
  • May remove an article of clothing
  • Point to a desired object.
  • Scribble if been given pencils or crayons at this stage.
  • Point to body parts, if been told repeatedly.
  • May start walking.

The Fourteenth Month

  • Put an object into container.
  • Stand alone.
  • Follow 1-step verbal command without gestures.
  • May bend over and pick up an object.
  • May start walking.
  • Build a tower.
  • May start running if he has started walking earlier.

The Fifteenth to Seventeenth month

  • He can walk well.
  • He can speak up to 5-15 words.
  • He can drink from a cup holding with his both hands.
  • He listen to stories.
  • Point to one body part when asked.
  • He can start eating using spoon or fork.
  • Tends to use both hands equally well.
  • Shows loving behavior to toy or pet.
  • Imitate activities.
  • Scribble.

The Eighteenth to Twentieth Month

  • He can walk up the stairs with help.
  • He likes to play with other children.
  • Kick a ball forward.
  • Follow a 2-step command without gestures.
  • Identify 1 picture by naming.
  • May start running.
  • Point to body part when asked.

The Twenty-First to Twenty-Fourth month

  • Use almost 6 words or more
  • Walk up steps
  • Jump up
  • Build a tower of 6 cubes.
  • Brush teeth with help.
  • May start combining words.
  • Put an article of clothing.
  • Identify 4 items in a picture or book by naming.
  • Use 50+ single words.
  • Take-off an article of clothing.
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