25 Paleo Breakfast Ideas


I set out to discover what others are eating for breakfast by asking members of my Facebook page. Following are some of the responses I got.









  1. Leftovers
  2. Paleo banana pancakes
  3. “Eggs, bacon, mushrooms”
  4. Smoked Salmon with some cherry tomatoes, chives and creme fraiche.
  5. Any combo of: leftover hamburger, steak, pork, fish, hardboiled egg, and/or melon, citrus, or berry, with avocado or vegetable of any kind.
  6. “Tallow and and some type of starch, shellfish, salad with some type of meat.”
  7. Applegate Farms Chicken and Apple Sausage with fruit
  8. Avocado
  9. “Sliced London Broil & the drinkable baby food veggies” 
  10. “Chocolate or vanilla Shakeology.” (what’s that?)
  11. “Banana smoothie mixed with almond butter and yogurt, a little orange juice to liquidize it.”
  12. Bulletproof coffee.” (Is this a brand or does the coffee make you bulletproof?)
  13. “Bulletproof” tea. Yerba mate with raw farm butter” (Here it comes again. I’m guessing it’s a brand)
  14. Paleo Parent’s, “Elvis Nut Butter Smoothie” and Elana’s Pantry “Breakfast Bread”
  15. Meat, fat, vegetables, and fruit
  16. “Chicken made in cocconut oil with veggies.”
  17. Paleo granola with whole milk or yogurt
  18. “A green smoothie with protein powder.”
  19. “A raw egg in my smoothie everyday!”
  20. Raw meat, raw eggs
  21. “A banana and Paleo nut crunch mashed together.”
  22. “Onion, tomato and kale pan fried in butter with 2 eggs.”
  23. N’oatmeal
  24. “Kale, cucumber and coconut water smoothie.”
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  1. When I went on the autoimmune protocol, I switched to soup for breakfast, and I haven’t looked back. It’s such a nurturing and nourishing way to start the day. I automatically get my bone broth in, an there’s enough protein, veggies and fat in the soup that I don’t get hungry again for hours: http://www.phoenixhelix.com/2013/06/05/soup-for-breakfast-it-does-a-body-good/

    • Great idea Eileen! I have done that a few times and I can attest that, at least during the winters, soup for breakfast is lovely!

  2. Bulletproof coffee is not a brand- it’s the fattiest tastiest thing ever! Google it- you will love it!

  3. Bulletproof coffee is so delicious. Not a brand, but made by blending hot coffee with pastured butter and coconut oil (optional). It really is amazing but definitely only need one cup!

  4. Quick questions… Why parsley juice (versus other greens)? Why juice versus chewing the parsley? Obviously our ancestors did not have juicers… I’m just curious as to why as I’ve never juiced.

    To answer you’re question….during the week I often have a smoothie (not ideal but works well for getting extra nutrients while breast-feeding a 5 month old and it’s the only way my 3-year old will eat greens, liver,etc). On weekends it’s meat, 2 pastured egg yolks (I’m allergic to the whites), and some vegetable or fruit.

    Thanks for posting!

    • Hi Sara,

      I think of juices as supplements. And I believe in our need for supplements because of our toxic, stressful world. Our ancestors did not have low quality food, chronic stress, and a toxic environment. Obviously, my own stress is generally pretty low because I don’t eat a bad diet and so am more tolerant but I still have constant deadlines, etc. I also do everything I can to keep my home as toxic free as possible but I’m no angel. I have a couple of hair products I probably shouldn’t have and I use a cell phone and my waredrobe is not organic. I have carpet and not hardwood floors. These are things I’d like to change but being 100% toxin free would either be expensive or call for a total life change.

      So juices it is, and organs.

      I do parsley juice because it is soooo good! :D Parsley juice with lemon is so amazing to my taste buds. I and my family hate spinach juice so we quit that and started drinking a juice we actually like.

      Your breakfast sounds great! I’m breastfeeding too so my need for nutrients is quite high as well.

      • Thanks for replying! I will try the parsley/lemon juice combo soon! Always nice to try new things! Although, I have a vitamix and not an actual juicer… but close enough.

        Also, I am done having kiddos but I’m looking forward to purchasing your book after I’m finished with the one I’m reading now… it’ll probably make me wish I had done this & that while pregnant with my two, but oh well!

  5. I like turkey apple bake; I modified the cooking method for convenience (don’t always have time to stand over the stove!) from this site http://www.theprimalist.com/recipe-apple-spice-turkey-breakfast/

    Brown 1# ground turkey in oven using a small roasting pan with 2 spoonfuls of coconut oil – 350F. Chop/stir turkey once or twice as it cooks to break it up.
    When turkey is nearly finished browning, drain and break up further if needed. Then add 1 large diced apple, 2 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp nutmeg, 1/2 tsp cardamon, mix, and continue baking until apples are tender.
    Before serving add 1/2c walnut pieces and almond slivers to entire batch or sprinkle on individual servings to your liking.
    Serving warm is best, drizzle with honey if desired, reheats great, and is a real treat with a dollop of coconut cream.

  6. Whoo! I’m #20! I didn’t know you were doing this, great idea, hehe! I’d been on vacation in Dyers Bay Ontario CA the last couple weeks so I missed this post! Wow, do I miss stress-free heaven on earth! :)

    Over vacation I had saved a few pages to read since we were out of internet, I read a bit on Chris Kresser.com’s work and that had pole vaulted me to the idea of the gut-brain-skin axis and I’m basically in the process of getting a hold of blue ice’s fermented cod liver oil (so expensive but I know it would be worth it!) and using extra probiotics along with my current diet, (I know that CLO should be a staple by now, but I just can’t afford it) in which has already been somewhat working really well despite my sleep and stress habits haha sleep and stress management are more important to take care of before anything which I hadn’t fully grasped before and it affects me greatly I notice, if I hadn’t have found you and your work I would be so lost, I’m so very thankful for what you have been through and accomplished up to this day and all those older blog posts were so very very helpful to me! I want your book so bad I’m about to beg my mom, just to support you! haha!

    I just wanted to share that with you as this information on the Stokes and Pillsbury studies from 1903 is such a big deal to me right now, well I might as well add a bit about me..I’m sorry this is all a bit off the topic of this post..

    I come from a family with a history of cancer, diabetes, acne and mood disorders, I’ve suffered from cystic consistent acne since I was in at least 7th grade so for around 8 yrs. now and I still experience cystic acne in the same exact places, consistently, only a few times can I get a somewhat cleared face when I am extremely diligent in my diet, lifestyle and stress management, mainly on my chin/forehead and sides of my face with plenty annoying dirty looking blackheads, I believe since I had strep throat every year as an adolescence and I have up until recently been on antibiotics frequently for infections of all kinds I had developed a leaky gut and throughout my teenage years up until now I was always in a state of anxiety, depression and horrible stress that I believe also contributed to a leaky gut and was also caused from leaky gut that all created my chronic inflammatory skin disorder manifestation of course I am in genetic predisposition but I still pray that I can experience beautiful clear skin before I’m 60, since learning about health and nutrition, I feel like I’ve been given an insight to life my depression lightened tenfold and my anxiety is almost completely controllable, I still get pretty down on myself while I’m broke out though..

    About my current area, we luckily live in a wonderful farm area in south east Ohio 20 minutes from Athens right near OU we have a little nook of health conscious hippiedome, we are really blessed to have a fully stocked beloved farmers market that accepts food stamps! It will always be home but we are looking to move up north, Michigan/Canada and hopefully begin our life independently. Much love Peggy!


  7. Forgot the link to the interview, very interesting: http://chriskresser.com/naturally-get-rid-of-acne-by-fixing-your-gut

  8. My wife and I are just starting this diet I am worried about breakfast as I come into work early and am not sure how to make eggs here at my office or something along those lines! Help!

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