Emotional Development Milestones by 6 to 8 Months


By now you have good idea of your baby’s personality. I figured out that my son is quite social and adventurous, never scared of anything and trying out new. So I really have to be cautious while he was playing.

Emotional Development

Your baby can differentiate between you and strangers and may start showing dislike for a few people. He’ll get a lot of enjoyment in social environment, take regularly your baby to park and let him enjoy kids playing, people chatting to each other, trees, birds and all such stuff around, even a car going on way will attract his attention.

Interactive Family

Let your baby be part of everything that is going on. Encourage him as he tries new things. Holding a toy up as a trophy, he’s waiting for your appreciation. So always respond to your baby when he commits these brave deeds. Let other family members to show similar response, babies crave for attention, particularly when they try something new. Always be there to pat their back.

Getting Emotional

Your baby is becoming emotionally mature, and will express his emotions in different ways:

  • Bouncing up and down to show excitement.
  • Gurgling with pleasure to show approval and happiness.
  • Remaining quite and calm when unsure of the situation.
  • Crying loud to show disapproval or his needs are not met.

Change and Growth

You will observe that your baby has been developing emotionally and has strong likes and dislikes, carving out a personality of his own. Many of the traits that we see, may not remain with baby for lifetime, quite a lot of changes are on way, once your baby learns to talk, walk and be physically more active. Last but not the least, your baby needs space, so give a quiet time to your baby, if he demands so.

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