Emotional Development Milestones from 6 to 8 months


You’ll notice that your baby is quite sociable. He’ll also love to join conversations, responding to you, not just with baby babble but also his facial expressions and gestures.

Emotional Development

Loving You

This is the most enjoyable moments in your life, when your baby has developed a special bond with you. He wants to spend most of the time and tries everything to gain your attention, dropped that toy once again, all he wants to play and laugh with you. At this stage, we mothers start getting busy with ourselves, no need to feel guilty about it, but just a little balance is needed. He wants to be sure, all the time that you will not leave your baby forever

A distinct personality

At this stage baby realizes that he’s separate person from you, it is quite an important milestone. As a result, he will become much more clingy and anxious when separated from you. Separation anxiety is natural and will often continue through toddler hood. Reassure him with lots of love and attention and eventually he will realize that parents will come back.

Fear of Strangers

Your baby will be sure and confident at one time, then fearful and shy next minute. When he meets people he doesn’t know well, he may bury his face in your shoulders, cling to you, hides himself or cry. This is his first emotional milestone to get anxious of strangers. Don’t force your baby to be friendly, reassure him and he’ll change gradually.

My son didn’t showed me fear of strangers till 2 years, he was quite friendly but after that he may hide sometimes when he saw some stranger approaching him. This is natural, just handle the situation carefully, and praise him when he has the confidence to smile back at someone.

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