Relaxation Activities & Techniques for our little angels


The word Relaxation means “Remission from attention and effort; indulgence in recreation, diversion, or amusement.”

Relaxation Activities

Please read this quote by Captain J. A. Hadfield:

“This art of resting the mind and the power of dismissing from it all care and worry is probably one of the secrets of energy in our great men.”

Sometime as we feel tired and weary, our bundle of energy can also become so worn-out that constructive chanelling is no longer possible. This is an indication that our little angels need to unwind the way we need to relax ourselves.

These are the few relaxation activities and techniques for our toddlers to soothe them so that once again they are ready to face the challenges of life.

  • Hugging, Cuddling or Massage: My son has a daily routine to get a massage before his sleep as it helps to calm down before his daily ritual and sleep and spend sometime talking to me. Even today, when my son is four year old, after coming to school sometimes, he will come hug me and tell me to cuddle him. This relaxes both of us and helps in strengthening our bonds.
  • Soft Music with or without lyrics: When my son was around 8 months old, I used to hold him in my hands put on music and we used to dance together, I remember my son enjoying those moments so much. Even today we do same, but now he dances with me on floor.
  • Selected kids movies: I’ve great collection of dvds which my son like, so days when he doesn’t want to watch regular TV programmes, we end up watching a movie together.
  • A Relaxing Story: I used to love listening to stories when I was young, and I was amused to see my son doing the same, it’s a ritual that my son is following since one year, to listen to a story before bed time. But somehow, he just enjoys it anytime and reading story from book with lots of pictures gets kid’s attention and they enjoy it a lot.
  • A Whirlpool Bath: My son generally avoid taking bath but if I gave him an option of exotic bath in a bathtub, with lot of bubbles, I really have to remind him, that he has lot many other things to do, except taking bath. Generally, after indulging in such bath, I could feel an air of freshness in my kid.
  • Playing simple Puzzle: You really need to find out yourself what kind of games and puzzles your kid like, which require their complete involvement and attention. My son likes jigsaw puzzles, and I cannot describe the joy on his face, when he finishes all by himself.
  • Doodling painting with a brush or fingers, drawing with crayons or chalk: My son just loves to do painting with brush, whenever he is upset and wants to be calm, he just starts painting, and he gets quite engrossed with colouring. This has even helped him to increase his attention span and concentration while doing an activity.
  • Clay Play: I don’t think I need to emphasize more on this, when so may playdough options are available in the market and best part is that Funskool and similar brands have provided quite a creative activity models which can keep your kids engaged for hours.
  • Water Play: We all love to play in water, swimming being one of the most relaxing activity, but if it’s not possible to go to swimming pool daily, we have options these days to get small pools at our home and see our kids enjoying it to the fullest.
  • Watching fish in the fish tank
  • Playing with the pet or stuffed animal: I still remember my son insisted to buy a small baby, I was not in favor, but still I got him one. I don’t have words the way he used to take care of baby for the first few months and used to cling to the baby, when we both have argument over some issue. After that he used to come to me, telling me cuddle me the way I’m cuddling my baby. How sweet !
  • Watering the plants

Trust me followiug these fun and relaxing activities from time to time help your child to unwind and even help in strengthning bond between you two.

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