Physical Development Milestones for toddlers (2-3 years)


This section of the site aims to explain you Physical Development Milestones achieved by your toddler in his third year.

I can hear ‘Happy Birthday to you’, so you have celebrated your baby’s second Birthday. And if you are planning a birthday party, a friendly advice, keep it small, simple, sensible and short.

Physical Development Milestones for toddlers (2-3 years)

In terms of overall physical development, which slows down between the second and third birthday, the most noticeable change during this year is your toddler’s body proportions. As his limbs lengthen and his muscle strengthens from being used, his posture becomes more upright, with a flatter tummy.

The biggest change that you will probably notice in your child’s abilities as he enters the third year is his increased understanding of his own world and his relationship to it, including the people around him.

You may also notice that your child is becoming more and more interested in what you are doing. By letting him join in as much as possible in everyday activities, he will learn new skills as well as enjoy just being with you.

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The 25th to 27th Month

  • Use 50+ single words.
  • Combine words by about 25 months.
  • Follow 2 step commands.
  • Wash and Dry Hands.
  • May be able to jump up.
  • Brush teeth with help.
  • Put an article of clothing, though learning to remove is easier.
  • Build a tower of 8-10 cubes.

The 28th to 30th Months

  • Identify one picture by naming.
  • Put an article of clothing.
  • Jump up.
  • Can tell the name 5-8 body parts.
  • Identify 4 pictures by pointing.
  • May Identify a friend by name.
  • May identify one color.

The 31st to 33rd Months

  • Brush teeth with help or by himself depends on learning readiness.
  • Build a tower of 6-8 blocks.
  • Draw horizontal / Vertical Line in imitation.
  • Balance on each foot for one second.
  • May identify 1 or 2 colors.

The 34th to 36th Months

  • Identify 4 pictures by naming.
  • Wash and dry hands by 3.1 years.
  • Throw a ball overhand.
  • Speak and be understood half the time.
  • Carry on a conversation of one or two three months.
  • Use prepositions.
  • Tracing shapes, alphabets if introduced to doing same.
  • Identify colors and shapes.
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