Emotional Development Milestones 10 to 12 months


By now, your baby will enjoy seeing other kids and learn a lot by watching them, so time to have some gatherings to invite friends with kids and let your baby enjoy the company. Eventually, he understands and learns how to make friends.

Emotional Development Milestones

But be prepared for the fact that your baby may not share with others, they still engrossed in their own world and will not understand the concept of sharing for year or so.

Interestingly, your baby will enjoy the attention and love you shower, he will respond to your hugs and kisses, but at same time his sense of independence is increasing and so his desire to explore which means he won’t sit in your arms for long.

Copying and Helping

Your baby is understanding the world around him and he would try to get involved in whatever is happening around. He will like to clean the table, dishes the way you do, he would like to brush his hair, and shave like his dad. I still remember my son used to do cooking like me, just enjoy this video to see, what a copy cat a baby can be.

But with all this your baby is also learning to help you in many ways, like slipping his arm into sleeves when you are trying to dress him up, brining his shoes when going out. Just let him explore and don’t expect them to do things correctly, I’ve seen my son brushing his hair with toothbrush, so keep your calm.

Comforting objects

I still remember one of my friends gifted my son, a big teddy bear, almost of his size. I liked that teddy so much, that now he was another friend. My son used to hold him tightly when he goes to sleep, carry him everywhere he goes. Such comfort objects aka soft toys help your baby to handle themselves when you are not around. Your baby will rely on this comforter for sometime to come.

Social Skills

At this stage when baby loves to imitate you, he’ll imitate your mannerisms as well, and that’s how he will learn to say “Hello”, wave “good bye’ and say “thank you” or “sorry”. If you talk to others politely he will also learn to speak the same way. So be polite as much as you can.

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