Parent as a support in Physical Development


In order to really get around, baby needs to learn to sit, crawl and then walk. This means developing strength in her neck and back muscles to support his head and spine, which will take several months. Muscle control development takes top to down i.e. neck to toe.

Physical Development

Initially baby cannot support his head even, but if you hold your baby upright against you when cuddling or comforting him, will give him an opportunity to strengthen his neck muscles. I still remember when I first held my son against my shoulder, he tried to lift his head away and I was assured he is practicing his head control.

After few weeks your baby is strong enough to hold his head away from you for few minutes when you are stationary, but if you are moving about he will just not be able to steady himself enough.

By about ten weeks, he will have mastered control over neck and head and can keep his neck and head steady in most conditions, but now it will be shoulders that will let him down.

Infact, he will gain full control of his spine by six months, when he could sit up unaided.

Now here are tips for you to help your baby help him gain control:

  • Put him on his tummy atleast once a day to let him practice holding his head up.
  • Letting your baby free for sometime, his body also becomes unclenched from that foetal position. Gradually, he will start straightening his legs and arms.
  • By 12 weeks of age he will love lying on his back, at this stage give sometime each day lying his back on the floor with his nappy off.
  • Once your kid starts enjoying kicking, put on variety of surfaces so he can experience different textures.
  • Tie a helium balloon on his hand and see the fun happening.
  • Get a baby gym, for your little one to practice his new mastered skill. Trust me those were the most enjoyable times my son had. He starts giggling as soon as he realizes its gym time. To get more details on baby gym and its usefulness click here.

Now baby can sit up for sometimes, initially help your baby to sit up, by placing cushions, or use care seat to allow him to explore the world while sitting on his seat.

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