Types of Baby Carriers – Brands and Reviews


Varieties and Brands of Baby Carriers

Ring Slings: Ring slings are composed of a single, very long piece of fabric and a couple of rings. It takes a bit of practice to properly fit and adjust them. Some women prefer ring slings to the backpack style of babywearing, believing them to be more fashionable.

Maya wrap

Pouch Slings: Unlike ring slings, pouch style slings are sized for a customized fit. Usually you will buy them in small, medium, or large. They do not adjust so you must be sure of the size before you buy. They do not contain any extra fabric, making them compact enough to fit into a purse or backpack.

Seven Slings

Wraps: Wrap style baby carriers are versatile. Most can be worn in many different ways, and they are somewhat compact. Wraps work very well for a newborn baby and equally well as the baby grows into a toddler.
Moby Wrap

Soft Structured: Soft structured baby carriers are adjustable backpack style carriers. As with many carriers, there is a learning curve for placing the baby on the back, but once you get the hang of it, they are great for carrying children long distances or for long periods.


Mei Tai: Mei Tai, or Asian baby carriers, are easy to use, adjustable, and versatile. Many are also reversible, so mom can have a fun print and dad can have a solid color!

Carriers I’ve Tried

There are so many baby carriers on the market, it would be a full time job to try the all. So naturally, my experience is limited. I have worn the Bjorn, Ergo, Peanut Shell, Seven Slings, Infantino Sash Mei Tai, and the Infantino Ergonomic Carrier.


  • The Sash Mei Tai is almost perfect in my opinion. It easily carries a brand new six pound baby with no need for one of those infant inserts (for head support). The baby fits perfectly behind the pouch with her head safely against mom or dad’s chest. Since it is a tie carrier, there are no straps to adjust so it can be easily shared between mom and dad. The front fabric is a little slimmer than some of the backpacks on the market, so if you feel totally eaten up by the Ergo (which I always did) this is a good alternative. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the ties lose their tightness ever so slightly after walking around for a long time so that the baby kind of dips lower and lower. It only takes a minute to bounce the baby back up and retie so it hasn’t been enough for me to switch. Oh yeah, and the price is amazing. Instead of paying anywhere from $45-$110, this thing only costs $35. The Infantino Mei Tai comes with a head cover to protect baby from cold and sun but it doesn’t have any pockets, boo. maybe I’ll attach a fanny pack to the waist band. Do they even make those things anymore?…
  • The Ergo is the carrier I wore when Evelyn was 6 months to 3 years. While it’s kind of bulky, it is perfectly functional. It even has pockets for your keys and wallet and stuff. I never wore it with her in front. I think it would have covered her and me both! I carried Evelyn in this carrier almost every day for 2.5 years. The longest distance I carried her was on a backpacking trip. We went 8 miles in one day. She was one and a half years old. The biggest fault with these is the price. New, they cost $110.
  • The Peanut Shell is simple. There are no straps, no adjustments, no ties. It’s a single loop of fabric that drapes over one shoulder. There is a small pocket for keys and wallet, but that’s it. I didn’t like this for the newborn. As you can see in the picture, she was kind of lost in there. I found myself constantly checking to see if Maya was alive while wearing her in this. It’s a good one for a slightly bigger baby with head control, though. The child sits instead of lays in the sling.  It is compact, functional, and super cheap. I got mine for $5 on sale. New in stores they cost around $15.


  • The Bjorn has been found to affect proper spine development because the baby is held up by the crotch instead of by the butt. I used this carrier when Evelyn was a baby, not knowing about the spine thing back then. She doesn’t seem to have come out with any problems. Her posture was always perfectly straight but, whatever, this is what science is saying, so I’ve chosen to steer clear of the Ergo this time around. Besides this, the carrier isn’t even all that comfortable and definitely not too stylish. The baby’s legs dangle ridiculously below.
  • Wraps look funny to me. I haven’t tried them. They completely cover the woman’s body. I understand they are exceptionally comfortable but I don’t like the way they make women look.
  • Ring slings look a little better but still they are so bulky and expensive. A new sling costs about $80.
  • The Infantino Ergonomic Carrier was cheap and the fabric was hard and rubbed my baby’s face. They do make different versions, though, so one of the others may be alright.
  • Seven Slings are a lot like the Peanut Shell but the fabric is cheaper and there is no pocket.
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  1. For fast up and downs and when we’re out and about somewhere hot Kinderpacks are our choice. Kinderpacks are very lightweight and great! The mesh or solarveil material used in the center allows some it to be breathable. The seat for th baby also allows some space btw wearer and wearee. http://www.kindercarry.bigcartel.com/ Made by a WAHM she makes limited quantities and stocks them every so often.

    But for snuggles and high back carries a wrap will do fine. Wrapping with wovens is a learned art and there are soooo many wraps out there for everyone’s needs. They even become collectors items and need to be stalked in order to get the limited releases that are provided to the public from certain makers. Current faves are German Kokadi’s and Scottish Oschas.

    Otherwise a simple mei tai made from a wrap is great. There are many makers out there and my favorite is Obimama. She’s an artist and makes beautiful appliques.

    Everyone can babywear. Makes things like hiking to nursing and naptime sooooo easy!

  2. I’ve used a moby wrap up until about 8 months and I loved it. It’s sturdy and comfortable. The only drawback is it can be quite warm, especially in FL in the summer…We survived though. It’s also great for longer excursions.

    I also like ring slings like Maya for around the house because they’re quick to get on, but are not as comfortable walking longer distances. I’ve only used the Maya after 1 year, so don’t know how I’d like it for an infant.

    Also, above you mentioned the Bjorns being bad for posture (and I agree), but then stated that you were steering clear of the Ergo. Typo? The Ergo doesn’t have the same potential to affect the development of the baby’s spine like the baby Bjorn. It was designed to be much more supportive. I’ve borrowed an Ergo a few times and only used it as a back carry. I love this one for older kids! Plus, it’s super comfortable for me.

  3. The Ergobaby (Performance model). Absolutely amazing, I used it all the time the first eighteen months, including discreet nursing! Plus it has wonderful extras – two pockets and a sun/sleep hood included but I also had a light waterproof cover, a heavy fleece waterproof cover for the winter, plus a little purse that clips on so you don’t have to take another bag. I recommend it to everyone who has a baby!

  4. I loved my New Native pouch sling (very similar to the Peanut one above). It worked from nursing newborns to hip carrying toddlers. I even used it through two pregnancies. It folds up small, is super portable. I had two at one point, when I got a hand-me-down, and left it in the car or diaper bag for emergencies — did that after I had to tie a picnic blanket into a sling when I had an inconsolable toddler on a rather long hike … you just can’t nurse in a backpack carrier :)

  5. I am a baby carrier junkie. I will try to make this brief.
    Ring Slings: Sweet pea sling and Sleeping Baby Productions are also very good. I have an SBP and you can get them reasonably priced. SBP sells a basic one for around $30. Be cery careful buying them from random ebay sellers. They should be constructed with bottom weight fabrics, gutterman thread and Sling Rings rings. You can’t use welded rings, they could break. I used my RS with my daughter, who was a preemie, until she was around 10 months old. I even took her on 4 mile hike in the mountains.

    Soft Structured Carriers: I have an Ergo that is my go-to carrier. It is just so easy and quick to put on. I bought it because I found it on Babysteals for $60. sign up for the emails. They run this deal a couple times a year. I am a small person so the Ergo is a bit big for me, but I didn’t want to shell out the cash for a Becco which is a SSC that smaller people tend to prefer. As mentioned in the OP, stay away from carriers like the Bjorn!! They are known as “crotch danglers” in the babywearing community. Using one on a NB shouldn’t do any damage to your back or the baby’s hips/spine since baby is so small and naturally curled up at that point. If you can manage to endure the pain of wearing one of these past the infant stage, you shouldn’t, they really are potentially damaging. They can cut off the baby’s circulation to the legs too.

    Mai Tei – I have a Babyhawk and love it. It is easily storable, but a pain to put on in bad weather. I hate dragging the tails all over the dirty ground trying to put it on when I am out and about. It is very comfortable to wear and very supportive even with a large baby.

    Wraps: There are 2 kinds – Wovens and stretchy. Wovens are amazing, but also amazingly expensive. I do not have one of these, but have wrap envy whenever I see a mom wearing one. I do have a stretchy wrap – Moby, that I used with my latest baby until he was about 3 months. You don’t want to use this once the baby hits 20lbs (my son is GIANT) because baby can fall out. Don’t be intimidated by wraps!!! once you see how to put them on, they are soooo quick and easy and I love that they double as a shirt. Being an overwhelmed, overworked, sleep deprived mother of 3 under the age of 4, I enjoy the fact that a wrap hides vomit, snot, breastmilk, spilled food or anything else horrible that can and will happen with small children.

    Lastly, while infantino is doing a bit better at making safe carriers, I still wouldn’t buy one. There is always something not quit right with all of their baby wearing products.

  6. Thanks for a post on baby carriers! I wouldn’t describe myself as a carrier junkie, but I do have a bit of experience with them.

    I loved my Moby for when the kiddos were small. Not that difficult once you get the hang of it.
    And when you get the hang of it, a woven wrap is fantastic, especially for heavier babies. I have a Didymos and a Hoppediz. I love them both.

    Ring slings:
    Had a MayaWrap and didn’t like the shoulder. Got a RS from Sleeping Baby Productions and I love it! I even made a couple of ring slings with Jan’s directions from SBP. I’d love one of her slings made from a wrap someday.

    Mei Tai:
    I have a homemade one that I love. I used directions linked from SBP’s site.

    Soft Structured Carrier
    I have an Ergo, but I don’t love it. I have a Nana’s Jetpack and like it. But the SSC that I love is Two Mama’s Designs. It was reasonably priced and it is both beautiful and comfortable. And like Sleeping Baby Productions, it’s a small business which is always a plus.

    I have a Seven Slings pouch and I don’t love it, but I suspect that I just don’t love pouches.

    I’d also suggest checking out TheBabyWearer.com for information and for used carriers for sale to save money.

  7. The Action Baby Carrier is made in my Hometown I grew up in. I have never tried one as I’m kidless as of now but I hope to try one out when my time comes. Actually – most the models in the photos are friends. :)


  8. Thanks for this review! I wish it was available to me when my little one was well, littler. I had to have the Bjorn because that was the cool thing I saw everywhere that all the new mommas had. Even though cash was tight, I handed over $89 for that thing. I ended up not even using it! Ok once, at which point I decided I didn’t like it at all. I’m petite at 5′ tall and it always felt awkward on me, even trying it on without the baby. Once I got her in it, it wasn’t particularly comfortable either.

    I’m glad you had a positive review of the Mei Tai, that one stood out to me. If another babe comes along I’d be willing to give that one a try.

  9. Just got my Sleepy Wrap Peggy (second hand for euro 45 with shipping) and I have to say – it’s great. I put my eight year old son (42 lbs.) in it just for the craic, he thought it was the funniest thing, and I could not BELIEVE how easy it was to carry him around (for about one minute) it felt very supportive, and I loved that I could just put it on as tight as I wanted without having to guess how much room to leave. Me and the two boys couldn’t stop laughing. I’m going with this and the Mei Tai carry per your recommendation AND the fact that it seems very practical, comfortable, and easy to use. I have a question about it though. How is the Mei Tai for carrying a baby in the hot weather? I’ve heard the Sleepy Wrap (now Boba Wrap I believe) is not very breathable, and it certainly looks good for the Irish weather here, but I’m hoping the Mei Tai is a bit more breathable. What do you think?

  10. I’m a fan of the Moby for the littles and Mei Tai when they’re bigger. I’m hoping to get my hands on an Ergo this time around though.

  11. I’m currently pregnant with our first, but I’m totally enamored with the idea of baby-wearing so I’ve been researching this obsessively. I’ve decided rather than buy a Moby I’m going to keep my eye on the clearance fabrics during my way-too-frequent trips to craft stores and hope to find a thick jersey knit for like $1/yard. And I don’t even care if it ends up being totally ridiculous-looking like black and orange and covered with jack-o-lanterns or whatever, because the stretchy wraps are only good for the first few months anyway and I’ll have an adorable baby in there while I’m wearing it. :)

    My hubby wants a soft-sided carrier, which I fully support since I’m sure there will be times when I don’t want to deal with a wrap and I can steal it. We were both pretty sure that an Ergo was the right choice, but we found a local store that carried EVERYTHING so we got to try them all out. We actually surprised ourselves and settled on the Beco Gemini as a clear favorite. We liked the option of the crossed straps in the back and there were just fewer clips and adjustments needed in general. The big bummer is they have so few color/design options and we didn’t really love any of them. I think we settled on the “robots” design for our registry.

    I did also register for a woven wrap, honestly largely because we’re going so minimalist that I feel like we should put a few more expensive things on the registry for our more well-off relatives to buy. :) I’m in your camp that I think the single-color Mobys look odd wrapped around a person, but I love the look of some of the woven wraps, especially in the various back carry configurations. I ended up settling on an Ellaroo in colors that I knew I wouldn’t get tired of. I’m pretty sure even my richest relatives would roll their eyes at a $180 Didymos, even if they’re soooo pretty.

    Aaaannndddd your post is making me reconsider Mei Tais now…

  12. I really like The Ergo way as this way will give you freedom to go for hiking with your kids.

  13. I love my mei tais. I have the Infantino and a Baby Hawk and prefer the Infantino because it has the infant head cover, a key clip, and sash guides on the front panel. I used the mei tai with both of my other children as a hip carrier and backpack style and they loved riding in it. My little guy lives in it, and likes hanging out while I walk in the park, do housework, or play in the backyard. It may be the perfect carrier.

    I also have a ring sling but find it difficult to carry an infant in it, so I will wait until he is older to use that one. Watching your baby slide deep, deep, deep into all of that fabric is a bit frightening. My primary worry is suffocation, even with the ability to adjust it, it seems too voluminous for very small babies.

  14. The Baby Bjorn carrier is NOT the same as the Ergo. The Ergo lifts the thighs into a sitting position, whereas the Bjorn lets the legs dangle. One of my biggest pet peeves about babywearing.

    Another problem with babywearing is when the baby isn’t sitting up high enough, like your daughter was in that Peanut Shell. Totally not criticizing you–I made the same mistake! Ideally, the baby would be tummy to tummy/chest to chest with you and high enough that you could kiss her. A small baby’s bottom would be at navel height or higher on you. This is for safety as well as comfort for both mama and baby.

    I know some people like ring slings but because of my back being misaligned, this was a bad choice for me. They do make for a very customized fit, and there is one thing I think is great about these and the pouch slings–they make it WAY easier to carry a baby or toddler on your hip. Some babies want to see what is going on in front and just have to be carried on the hip.

    I loved my wrap for two main reasons. The first is that it made my baby feel about 50% lighter than other slings and did not hurt my back. The second is that I was practicing both a continuum style parenting and elimination communication, which means I wore my baby constantly but was also constantly taking him out to go potty. The wrap was very suitable for popping the baby in and out all day. I do think you should list a woven wrap such as the Didymos, since they are significantly different than the stretchy Moby. You could carry a five-year-old in a Didymos.

    I loved our mei tai when he was older (once he was about 5-6 months), simply because it was less of a hassle to put on than the wrap and by that time I wasn’t wearing him as much. I also liked how easy it was to get him on my back in a mei tai. Not as comfortable as the wrap, but still pretty comfy. The one we have is a fairly large one, with padded hip straps. Definitely for an older baby.

    I hated the pouch except for one thing–you could throw it on in a hurry.

    We didn’t get an Ergo until he was two and a half. We were going to Disneyland and thought it would be nice to have a no-fuss carrier. I didn’t find it as comfortable as my mei tai, but more convenient.

    I totally recommend going to a babywearing group if there is one available, and buying quality used carriers to save money.

  15. I absolutely love woven wraps! So comfortable and lightweight and the colorways are just beautiful. And there are so many different ties and carries you can learn – it becomes a hobby for a lot of people. Didymos, Ellaroo, and Girasol,are all great brands I’m familiar with. I was given a Moby at one of my showers, and found I’m not a fan of stretchies. The fabric was too heavy and hot to wear in L.A. And I’ve read they really work best for young, lightweight babies, even though the packaging says otherwise. Wovens can be used through toddlerhood; Moby wraps can’t.

    I also have a Babyette ring sling, which is perfect for wearing my son so I can get things done around the house, or for popping him in and out of quickly when running errands. We have an Ergo too, but I haven’t even used it yet – it’s more for my husband. My Ella woven is definitely my favorite.

    I also have a Seven Sling, and I have to say, PLEASE nobody waste your money on one of these! I ordered it because I found a “promo code” to buy one for the cost of shipping only (yeah, right – too good to be true much?) and the quality is horrible. Not sturdy or secure feeling, thin scratchy material, and ugly print. Just my little personal PSA. ;)

  16. I have a stash of baby carriers that is getting a little out of hand. Some I inherited from my mom and some I bought. I have ring slings, pouch slings, mei tais, a woven wrap and SSCs.

    In the early days, I loved using the ring slings (my husband too). They were quick to get on and off and my son felt so sung and safe cuddled on my chest. We also used a BabyHawk mei tai a lot. Between 2-4 months or so, the mei tai got a lot more use because my son was growing fast, but he still seemed a little too small/uncomfortable for the Ergo. Once he was able to fit fit comfortably in the Ergo with his legs spread (didn’t like using an insert), that became our go-to carrier since it was quicker to put on than the mei tai when we were out.

    I used the woven wrap a few times, mostly on long walks, but it’s not my favorite by a long shot; it takes a lot of practice to get the ties down and it’s even harder with a squirmy baby who wants to get up and down and up and down. I also didn’t really like the pouch slings. I just wasn’t a fan of the fit and lack of adjustability.

    Now that my son is 10 months and almost 24lbs, we are still using SSCs and ring slings almost exclusively. I usually use the slings if we’re not going to be somewhere for too long or if my son may want to get up and down a lot. My son likes being able to look around when I have him on my hip in the sling. If we’re going to be out for a few hours, we use either the Ergo or Onya baby carrier. In a SSC, my son can nap and it’s easier on my body so I can hold him comfortably for longer. I’m 5’9 and my husband is over 6 feet tall and we both really like the Onya baby carrier. It’s similar to the Ergo, but the body is longer so I can wear it on my hips instead of above them like I have to with the Ergo and I find this is a lot more comfortable on my lower back. It also has the option of crossing the straps on your back which is more comfortable for my husband. It’s also can convert most chairs into high chairs which is pretty awesome. (http://shop.onyababy.com/outback/)
    Still, if the baby is in a playful mood, he prefers the Ergo because he keeps his arms out and can look around more. We all have our own preferences to match our moods and occasions.

    Also, even if you find a type of carrier that you like or don’t like, try to experiment with different brands. Thicker straps, longer bodies, different fabric, etc. can all make a big difference in your and your baby’s enjoyment of baby wearing.

  17. The moby was by FAR my favorite for aring both of my boys in infancy. Once you get the tie right, it is super easy and comfortable. For bigger kids, the ERgo rocks! There was a stage where my bigger boy was in the ergo on my back, and the younger was in the moby on front. It made for a cozy, balanced load… And also meant that their mama was free to walk unencumbered while I did my joyful cerberus impression!

  18. you REALLY need to try a woven wrap :
    totally different than a moby :)

  19. I love the babyhawk carrier. It keeps my little man comfortable and I can move around easily. Also, most of the weight is on my hips not my shoulders.

  20. I’m expecting twins and curious about what baby carrier may be appropriate for them? They all appear to be well-designed for one small human, but I feel like two might be considerably more challenging. Thanks for any insight! :)

  21. This carrier is called an Inuit amauti or amautiq. The baby actually doesn’t go in the hood, it sits in a pouch area that is built into the back of the jacket and rests against your back.

    Most Inuit will wear from birth, but I didnt start wearing my son in the amauti until he was 4 months old, one because it was too warm, and two was because of my comfort level with his head control.

    I will be honest, I have never seen some one put a puppy in their amauti, but I don’t know everything about them.

  22. For my first son, who is almost 7, we had an infnatino and a baby bjorn. He HATED both of them. So we never used a baby carrier. I honestly can’t remember how I managed that, as he was NOT a stroller baby.
    My 2nd son, who is 3 months now has tried the Ergo, Moby, Bjorn, and Freehand Mei Tai. The Ergo seemed really big and bulky on me (I’m not a small woman – 5’7″ and about 160ish lbs right now) and he did not seem to like being a “baby taco” in the insert. He seems to tolerate it a bit more now without the insert, but without the insert they have poor spinal position. We loved the Moby when he was a newborn. We went everywhere in it. He liked being all snuggled. I can see how it would be really hot in a warm climate, but it was winter in AK for us, so it was good. My husband likes the Baby Bjorn. I feel like it is a big bulky on me again. But he can’t get the hang of the Moby. I’ve recently gotten the Mei Tai and LOVE it. The baby stopped fussing immediately when I put him in the first time. It wasn’t hard to get on, and it’s oh so cute. My mom likes it b/c it’s very similar to carriers they have in Korea. I think it’ll even be simple enough for my husband. And I think that it’s great that it’s reversible. I was able to get a pretty embroidered pattern and my husband can wear it on the solid navy side. It’s a win-win.

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