Emotional Development Milestones for babies from birth to 2 months


It may seem that all your newborn does is eat, sleep and cry – but from the moment he is born, he is developing new skills with incredible speed. By the end of her second month, her personality will really begin to shine through.

Your newborn baby is bundle of emotions. From the first few moments of life, he is very sensitive to the moods and feelings of the people she is close to. This emotional sensitivity is an important newborn characteristic. In later stages of development this will help him to adjust his behaviour and enable him to respond appropriately to the people around.

Emotional Development

Initially, it will be harder for you to predict and understand your baby, but very soon you will be able to understand as your relationship with your baby grows stronger. Gradually both of you will find that time spent together emotionally rewarding.

By second month, your baby is learning to recognize and respond to you. The most rewarding response at this stage is undoubtedly the appearance of his social smile at about six weeks old. I still cherish the first time I saw my baby smile and then I used to wait and try my level best to see his smile again. I even learned whistling to get his attention, and he always smiled me back.

Calm Contentment

Quiet, content times are very important for your baby for many reasons. They give her brain the chance to takeover. This means he can exercise his curiosity, practice focusing on things, and most important, he will give you some undivided attention. And just being with you will make him feel secure.

Cherish those quite moments together, the times when he’s alert are some special moments which you and your baby can spend together to know each other better. I remember in my case, it used to be evenings which we enjoy most and play together. You must be wondering what activities to play with your kid at this stage, click here to get details.

Knowing that your baby is contented and happy with you is quite emotionally fulfilling – it is a sign that you are meeting his needs. This will increase your confidence as a parent, and at the same time also strengthen your bond with your baby.

Crying Baby

In the beginning, crying is the only way baby will communicate to you, he’s hungry, needs a diaper change, tired or uncomfortable, bay will cry out loud. Respond to your baby’s cries and make sure you give him all the reassurance he need. Lots of love and attention will result in a secure, confident and independent kid.

But gradually by second month, baby will learn cooing to attract your attention and will use his face and body to get attention, though crying is still the most important way to communicate.

“Loving a baby is a circular business, a kind of feedback loop. The more you give the more you get and the more you get the more you feel like giving.”

By: Penelope Leach (20th century), U.S. child development specialist.

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