About Baby Wear


Amidst the lifestyle changes and the prenatal checkups, one of the most exciting tasks that preoccupy expectant moms is shopping for baby clothes. And there’s one department that gets soon-to-be parents all keyed up, especially those who love fashion: baby wear. With so many questions and not that much time and closet space at that, dressing up your new angel is now as easy as it sounds. You need to consider a few things when you stock up your newborn’s closet.

About Baby Wear

Of course, you first have to consider your baby’s gender. You may not know this until your second trimester. Go for white clothes first like onesies. They’re great for everyday use. Try not to overstuff your closet with them all at once. Rather, wait for a few more weeks and go for what you really like when you know what you’re having. If you really can’t wait, shop for safe-colored clothes just in case gender prediction falters.

You may swoon and go mad over the cutest baby apparel you see on store shelves. You, however, should never sacrifice comfort above all else. Layers, frills, and lace can be restrictive and irritating. Go for functional clothes that not only provide warmth and comfort, but also colorful, attractive, and fun ones that allow freedom of movement. Soft, breathable, and absorbent fabrics suit warm climates best and one hundred percent cotton is your best bet.

Milk spit-ups and diaper leaks are part and parcel of a baby’s life and these are the most common and somewhat aggravating occasions you are sure to encounter. Baby clothes with too many layers, buttons, straps, and fasteners will be troublesome, especially when your baby is starting to get fussy. Opt for those that are quick and easy to put on and take off. Usually, snaps at the neck of a tee make sure that your baby’s head will slip into it effortlessly, while onesies have buttons at the bottom to make nappy changes a cinch.

Just remember to snip off tags, especially when your baby’s skin is on the sensitive side. These can actually be itchy and irritating to the neck. For pajamas, opt for sizes that are large enough to fit into your baby’s bottom with diapers on. Make sure that the garters aren’t too tight. Have one or two sets of simple yet stylish dress-up clothes for special occasions and go for more of house clothes.

It is also not advisable to bring your baby out too much until he has received his core set of vaccinations. You can also get hats if you want so that you can shield your baby from the scorching outdoors. Just be sure it’s not too tight or too warm on his head. For rainy days, have one or two jackets or sweaters in the bag in case the weather changes.

When it comes to shopping for your baby, remember that they grow up too quickly. Scrimp on elaborate and expensive outfits unless you have someone to give them to. Otherwise, save your money and invest it on his future rather than buying clothes he won’t be wearing too often.

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