Paleo Banana Pancakes


Nothing but eggs, banana, and butter

These are ridiculously simple “pancakes” made of egg and banana, cooked in butter, and drizzled with a tiny bit of pure maple syrup . The syrup is optional. I think the pancakes are sweet enough as is.

Recipe for banana pancakes:
4 eggs
2 ripe bananas
lots of butter
a little pure maple syrup

Mash the bananas with a fork and lightly whisk the eggs in with them. Pour on a hot pan with plenty of butter. Cook for a couple of minutes, checking for brownness and flip.

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  1. Do you have a recipe for the pancakes? They look so fluffy!

  2. Do you whip the ice cream ingredients together first, or just stir well and then pour into the ice cream tray?

  3. Would you please share the specifics of how you made the banana pancakes? They sound AMAZING!!

    • I added the recipe up in the post. You’ll see it’s pretty simple!

  4. Totally trying the banana pancakes tomorrow morning! My folks are visiting and were just turned onto Paleo after seeing the results from my husband and me. Can’t wait to try this with them!

  5. Where do you get your grass fed cow dairy? I’ve searched around with no luck so far.

    • Where do you live? You can find raw and grass fed dairy by visiting the website

      • Oo yay! I live in Denver – where do you shop locally for meat and dairy? I’ve bought online before (like US Wellness) but I’d love to have a few local places to look first. :-)

        • You can find some local pastured meats at the Vitamin Cottage. Also they carry totally grass fed, non-homogenized milk and cream, but it is pasteurized, lightly. The website I posted has lots of options for raw dairy but they’re not all grassfed. Windsor Dairy is one that is. will help you find farms to get your meats from. There are a few out on the eastern plains here in Colorado. Have fun with that this summer!

  6. Yum. Is the cow milk raw? Just curious. It sounds delicious.

  7. Peggy,
    Thanks so much for the banana pancake recipe! I used to make these with the almond butter (the only difference is almond butter, plus I would fry in coconut oil, not butter) but the almond butter does not seem to sit well with me any more these days. Totally am going to try yours tomorrow instead, yumm!!

    Will try the ice cream one too, so simple! We don’t do well with cow’s milk here, no matter how groovey, so we use raw goat milk instead, I bet it would work well (grass fed cow cream is fine though, just the milk/ cow lactose is not well tolerated).

    • I don’t do well with lactose either – cow, goat, raw, whatever.

      I always like to try it again every so often but my body always finds some creative way to say no…

  8. I did my ice cream using only 3 ingredients: double cream(from grass-fed cows), strawberries and raw honey. My daughter really liked it. Next time I will add some raw egg yolk. Regards.

  9. Easy pancakes that my kids and the two sleepover kiddos loved! I did a double batch, but they were so filling that there were leftovers to snack on for lunch. Thanks for the excellent tip!

  10. Peggy, I’ve been making these pancakes since I saw them – I think it was on your FB page? They are really awesome! I have always gone through occasional periods where I just don’t feel like anything savoury for breakfast, nor do I feel like fasting. Before, this would draw me to buckwheat or millet porridge (not the worst thing for me digestively, but not great, and too little protein). Now I just whip these lovelies up, and they keep me full for a good while because of the eggs.

    Your strawberry ice cream sounds pretty much identical to mine, except I use whole eggs. I think traditionally only the yolks are used because in a cooked custard the whites give off a stronger eggy flavour, but I’ve found that if you just use them raw it makes no difference texturally or flavour-wise.

    I also use more strawberries and macerate them in vodka and rose water beforehand :D

    • Whole eggs… That’s interesting. I’ve never thought of it, maybe because I don’t use an electric blender. I like to go easy on the egg whites and they are kind of mucousy and clumpy if you don’t beat the heck out of them.

      Once when I was a kid, I made some homemade ice cream and added the egg yolks but a bunch of the white got in there. It didn’t get mixed well enough and when I ate the bite with the slimy white I wanted to vomit. Now, when I make the ice cream I actually squeeze the yolk out of the little white pouch.

      • Hee hee. I’m sorry, I didn’t think you were the type to retain a childhood aversion to goopy eggwhite! I guess you don’t slurp eggs out of the shell then?

        I do use an electric blender, mostly because it gets the whites smooth without building quite as much foam as hand whisking, but I’ve recently been concerned about it damaging the glutathione structure as per Chris Masterjohn. Have you come across that? And then again, is whisking really any better? I’ve been careful to just stir my milk in at the end when I make smoothies or ice cream, but I don’t know how to get around the egg issue.

        • my point exactly. Dr. Mercola, Aajonus Vonderplanitiz and many others have been advising against beating egg whites for years, so I don’t do it. No, using a whisk wouldn’t be much different. Supposedly the egg whites are that delicate.

          You could get around the egg issue by not using the whites or by not beating them very well and having icky lumpy ice cream. :P

          I just don’t want my ice cream ruined by little slimy bits. I don’t have any problem slurping down raw eggs. But I’m not going to chew them, that’s for sure!

          • Haha, ice cream aside though, how do you take in whites without beating them?

            If I remember correctly, glutathione survives heat, so I suppose gentle scrambling in the pan should be ok. Unfortunately I don’t much like the flavour of cooked whites so if I try to keep my white consumption to fried/boiled/poached eggs, I’ll just eat much less of them.

            Is there something other than glutathione that gets damaged by beating the whites?

          • I usually eat my eggs raw but if I don’t I just throw them on the pan and stir a little. I don’t go for the super beaten scrambled eggs.

  11. Is the totally grass-fed milk you mention at Vitamin Cottage the Kalona brand? If so it is not totally grass-fed. I called the farm and asked. They do feed some grain. If you can’t find raw, grass-fed milk, it is one of your best options, though. Great that it is not homogenized.

    • Of course it’s not really totally grass fed. The laws for printing “grass fed” give them a little grain room. The same is true for all the pastured eggs around. Vital Farms and others all use supplemental grain. But for anything you’re not picking up at the farm itself, it’s the best bet. And yeah, not being homogenized or ultra-pasteurized is huge.

  12. Great blog! Just found it. I’m looking forward to your primal pregnancy book hitting the shelves :)

  13. Whoa– the banana pancakes taste like crepes! I ran out of butter midway through and the second half of the batch turned out delicious cooked with lard. As soon as I tasted them, I decided they didn’t need anything else– no honey, nuthin.

    • Yeah, they really don’t need anything extra. I drizzle a little maple syrup on there just because it looks more like a pancake experience for my daughter. :P

      • The pancakes sound good! I can’t handle eating egg whites any more. This might sound like a stupid question, but I am no chef by any means: would just the yolks suffice instead of the entire eggs for the pancakes recipe?

        • That’s not a stupid question but I’m not sure what the answer is. You’d have to use a whole bunch of yolks if it were to work. It couldn’t hurt to try it!

  14. I made these pancakes this morning and was sure my kids weren’t going to eat them because they were more of a banana omelet than pancake. Both of them refuse to eat eggs but they gobbled these up and asked for more! Definite winner here and so simple. Thank you!

  15. Hi Peggy,
    Thanks for all the great information! I haven’t read all of your posts yet but I have a question: I read the PCOS page first, and read up on the fructose malabsorption too and then read a few other pages and saw that (I’m assuming) you are now able to kind-of tolerate vegetables (the chicken soup) and cucumber and bananas? Has your body healed enough from having absolutely no fruits or veggies, that you are able to incorporate them now? I was getting ready to swear off all fruits and veggies but now I am a little confused if I should or not…
    Thank you again for all the hopeful information though!

    • Alisa,

      You are welcome! Indeed my diet has broadened up a bit over the last year or so. I don’t eat bananas or cucumbers, though, as I am allergic to them. (Well, I did for Primal Toad’s smoothie but I don’t make a habit of it. The banana pancakes or plantain I never eat.) Now that I’m not pregnant anymore and my immune system may be stronger, I might have another allergy test and hopefully see fewer reactions. Or I’ll do some experimentation with these foods I was so allergic to before. I have been very good, though, to avoid them for the last year and a half. I believe that and some other things I’ve done have made a difference.

      What I have found is that fiber does not freak out my system like it used to. I do still have to be careful with what I eat but yes, I can and do eat vegetables now.

  16. I thought fruits are only supposed to be eaten by themselves? Mixing with animal product is even worse, no? I am new to this primal thing, I am still trying to wrap my head around eating all this meat. It kind of makes me sick :/ However, I need to get off the wheat and dairy very, very bad and peoples primal success stories have me intrigued. I have done lo-carb in the past and had trouble going to the bathroom if you know what I mean. I love wild salmon but that’s tough to afford more than once a week.

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