Poop Like Your Primal Ancestors. Squat!


How did Primal man/woman do poop? They didn’t have toilets so did she sit on a tree branch and dangle her feet in the air, letting her excrement fall into some hollowed out tree stump? Did he build a chair with a hole in the middle and stand it up over a hole in the ground? Did they stick their behinds out, like some animals do, and drop pellets?

Or did they squat just like we do today when we go camping? Yep. That’s it. Squatting is our evolutionary ticket to easy pooping. Our bodies have been trained to do it that way and only that way for a million years.

Yet somehow westerners think we can change that evolutionary programming and just start pooping up in a high chair with absolutely no consequences.

I suppose maybe you can if you have inflammation under control, don’t have food allergies, don’t have any carbohydrate malabsorption issues, eat ample healthy bacteria, aren’t stressed out, haven’t accumulated any heavy metals, aren’t magnesium deficient, drink enough water, and don’t take drugs of any kind. Did I miss anything?

Our modern lifestyle really gets in the way of easy bowel movements!

Bowel Habits

Good digestion not only requires good health but it requires good habits too and one of those habits is squatting. The only problem with this is that our toilets are built like dining table chairs. They are very high. For children they are truly barstools.

I used to use a small step stool to prop up my feet a bit. I even tried putting my feet up on the toilet seat, (rather precarious) but neither felt very natural.

The people at the changed all this. They understood that they aren’t going to replace a billion toilets in this country so instead they sought to jerry rig them – build a higher floor round the toilet.


A regular stool don’t do the job because when we squat we do not put our feet up against our chests, but rather off to the side. The is long enough across the toilet to accommodate this stance.When you use it you’ll know instantly how natural it is. It makes going number two a real pleasure. Not only is this posture more comfortable than sitting but it helps to lengthen the colon, eliminating kinks and obstructions.

Of course wasn’t the first to think of squatting at the toilet. They are just the first to bring the squat to America. People in other countries have lower toilets than we have. Some, like Japanese toilets, are all the way on the ground.

If you or your kids have trouble with constipation or if you want to avoid having trouble with constipation, consider getting yourself one of these. I’ve had mine for several months now and I can tell you it’s everything it’s cracked up to be.

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  1. Left a comment on video on Dr. Oz! I’m glad that he said it worked.

  2. I left a message on the Dr Oz site. Would love to have a squatty potty in every bathroom.

  3. I also made a comment on Dr. Oz. Thanks for sharing this exiting news. Makes perfectly good sense.

  4. i commented

  5. Comment made, contest entered. 21 squat salute!

  6. Left a comment! Can’t believe a squatty potty made it onto the Dr. Oz show. At least he wasn’t making fun of it.

  7. commented on dr. oz… would love one of these ;)

  8. Yes, I made my comment. Thanks for the opportunity to get one of these for free.

  9. Commented! Excited!

  10. commented! my toddler would love this!

  11. Just about to leave a comment on the other site! I so want to win one of these. Love the idea and it makes so much sense, but haven’t gotten around to buying one yet. I think it will be a great help to get my 3 year old son to enjoy sitting on the regular toilet instead of the one he can squat on. Tired of dumping poop every morning :-) . But totally understand. If it’s bad for us to sit there with our feet at least on the ground with some support, think about how bad it would be with your legs dangling in the air?

    • Seriously, I can’t imagine how uncomfortable and awkward that is for a toddler.

  12. I commented! Im so excited i would love one of these!

  13. I left a comment over yonder. I totally want this for my 2 year old as well. She gets so tired of sitting there with her legs dangling and all I have to say is that I understand. I let her put her feet up on the seat because I would hate to have to sit over an open toilet, especially those times you have to hold yourself up because someone (:/) forgot the insert (so tired fo lugging that around), with my legs dangling. I’d feel pretty unsafe.

  14. i’m glad that dr. oz is looking at more then just giving the same advice that i can get from that supermarket mags.

    i left a comment on his page too

  15. I commented on dr. oz. my hubby keeps saying he wants one of these!

  16. Comment left on dr oz’s site.

  17. Commented at Dr. Oz- I would sure love a squatty potty to replace the two piles of books I’m using now… haha

  18. Well Peggy, here in Japan the old style toilets still linger although most new buildings have the chair style. But older places like train station bathrooms still have the old squatters, and often a mixture of squat and chair style booths. I have been forced to use the public squat toilet innumerable times in the past 30 years. My old mother-in-law can’t squat anymore so she had a plastic chair installed on top of her squat-style toilet.

    The problem is when you’re wearing pants. The cuffs can get dirty, being so close to the business end (and it’s all open air), but even worse, when a long-legged person like me squats down, the tops of the pants pockets face down, leading to unfortunate accidents with wallets, keys, and even mobile phones! Luckily the squat toilet isn’t water filled so retrieval is quick – but it’s still messy. Best thing to do is remove and hang up the pants before doing your business — if there’s a hook there.

    I visited a Zen temple and it was all squat toilets there – but the monks wear robes so just like dresses it’s easy to hitch them up around the waist and do your business hygienically.

    Japan is also the country of “high tech”toilets but that’s another story entirely.

    • ok. squat toilet. i have to comment. i also have to get one of the squatty thingy.

      i grew up with squat toilets in Taiwan yes, it is a lot easier to do one’s own business than sitting. + your “train” your muscles & stretch achilles too. XD

      when wearing pants, it’s better to roll up the cuffs & take out stuff in pocket.


  19. I left a comment on Dr. Oz’s site… My husband would much prefer I get one of these over taking out the toilets! ha!

  20. Comment left on Dr. Oz website. Would love to get a Squatty Potty! :)

  21. I left a comment on his website!

  22. I left a comment on the Dr Oz site. I keep running across the squatty potty – I think I need to try one!

  23. I posted on Dr. Oz….. lol, i’ve never actually seen the show, a good reinforcement to maintain a tv free home.

  24. Left my comment on Dr. Oz’s site!

  25. I was thinking of choosing some random vessel, like a tupperware container, as a designated chamber pot and squatting in the shower over it.

    I tried putting some nice wide supports at the sides of my toilet, but somehow being up in the air makes it hard for me to find the right angle/balance, unlike when I’m squatting in the woods.

    I figured if I’m squatting on the shower floor it should be comfortable and any accidental misses can be easily cleaned away. The problem is cleaning the vessel afterwards. I suppose I could rinse it in the toilet bowl before washing it with soap in the shower or sink, but it still seems a bit icky and less than ideal, though maybe that’s just because it’s unfamiliar. Thoughts?

  26. I left a message at Dr. Oz’s site. I’ve been considering buying one of these for a while. My six-year old is chronically constipated. :( He has fructose malabsorption, but I can’t seem to figure out his issues enough to “fix” him. Maybe this would help.

  27. Just left a comment about the squat potty with Dr. Oz. Would love to give the squat potty a try.

  28. I just left my comment on Dr. Oz’ website. Sure would like to try one of those gizmos out!

  29. I left a comment for Dr. Oz. Would love to use one of these!

  30. I left a comment on his site… I think the title of the article is weird. “outrageous.” We have been labeled “weird” “amish” “hippie” because we eat whole foods and do our darndest to stay away from processed food. That is totally fine with me!

  31. Commented on the Dr. Oz website. My 11 year old son really wants one of these. He has been showing it to me on-line. He is an amazing kid for sure.

    • That’s a smart kid! My six year old loves the thing, well, who doesn’t? :)

  32. I commented! I thought all of the squeamish reactions from his audience were hilarious!

  33. I am so excited about this! I just learned about the Squatty Potty here a couple weeks ago and since then have been experimenting in the bathroom – but like you said – it’s not so easy. The Squatty Potty sounds wonderful! I hope you pick me! I commented at Dr Oz’s site.

  34. Just left a comment. I think these things are great!

    • Only problem is that, as a guy, the squatting position means that you have to really watch your aim if peeing at the same time!

  35. I left a comment on Dr. Oz’s video. My daughter could really use this!

  36. I commented- I have been thinking about trying this out- I would love to win one.

  37. I left a comment! The first person that I met who squatted to poop, often left poop trails on the toilet seat, lol. It certainly left an impression on me! The squatty potty looks like it could help with the aiming and balancing issues!!

  38. Left a comment on Dr. Oz’s website. This seems like a really simple but useful product. I would love to win one for my husband who has difficulties in this area.

  39. I commented on the video… I’ve been thinking of buying one for a while because it just makes so much sense!!

  40. Thanks for posting about the squatty potty!

    I posted on Dr Oz’s page

  41. Oh, my… I just came across an ad for this two days ago! My husband has been laughing at me, but I want one! I’m actually excited for a chance to win… commented over at Dr. Oz!

  42. I left a comment on the site as well. It’s amazing to me that anyone would think this was weird at all. Our bodies naturally want to squat when we’re doing a poo. If people would pay attention to the signals when they’re sitting on the toilet it’d be obvious!

  43. left a comment on dr.oz thing. would love one of these things

  44. This does relieve pressure off of those women who deal with hemorrhoids with pregnancy! not to mention stretches those pelvic floor muscles for the birth process. This in a way, does simulate the way a woman is supposed to birth..takes pressure off and uses gravity as an aide. –commented on the Dr. Oz site. Great idea to take this public!

    • I can totally see myself using it at some point while I’m in labor, with the lid closed of course! The privacy of the bathroom and the comfort of a squat.

  45. I commented on the Dr Oz video! Hope it exposes people to something new! Seems like most of the comments were positive…

  46. I commented on the Dr. Oz post! I want a squatty potty!

  47. We used squatties for a year in China. LOVE them. Left a comment

  48. I left a comment.

  49. My son has been “perching” on the toilet since the day he learned to use it (when it’s time to do the two). We were always mystified by this stance he takes, but he says it is the only way it feels “right”. I guess it all makes sense now. Maybe I wouldn’t have so many “issues” with the two if I had one of these. So, comment has been left and I will wait to see if we win. Thanks.

    • That is so cute honestly. He’s really in touch with his body’s needs!

  50. Just left my comment with Dr Oz….
    I have been trying to do this on my own, as it could be the answer to my chronic BM issues. I spent a summer doing work with the poor in the Philippines back in college. I was the only one on our team who couldn’t figure this ‘potty technique’ out!

  51. Hi Peggy,
    Just wanted to add a bit to this topic/discussion. I am from India and we grew up using toilets that required you to squat( similar to the Japanese one you have shown ). Yes pooping is much easier than using the seated styles, especially if you are constipated. Having said that I will say though that for older people who cannot squat anymore cos of knee issues or legs getting numb cos of sitting in that position for long, the western style does help. Or the solution of having a chair with a hole on top of the potty. There are other small negatives too like, if you are peeing, it can spray and wet your feet or shoes. You definitely need to remove your pants before you use it, else there is a high chance of it getting wet or worse dirty. Which means you have to wear your pants with unwashed hands once your business is done or just be naked butt down till you get to wash your hands :-).
    Obviously these are not kind of negatives that should stop someone from using the eastern potty – just things to be aware of.
    Thanks for making people aware of this.

    • Thanks for adding that. Chronic constipation and colorectal cancer might be worse ;) but none of that sounds too good either. Maybe the seat was a step in the right direction and the squatty potty a serious improvement. The end product will be a toilet with a built in foot rests. Hey Squatty Potty, design a toilet next!!!

  52. I commented that it is “not outrageos”!

    And, was wondering, is it true that you should have 3 bowel movements a day (after every meal)?

    I’m on some herbal laxatives now that really do cause me to go after every meal but I’m questioning whether that’s necessary – or healthy … I’m guessing you have a comment off the top of your head!


  53. Just posted on the Dr. oz video. I have been looking into getting one. It would be a huge help in our home. Thanks for the opportunity!

  54. A picture of Indian toilet….sadly these are getting replaced by the western styled toilets. <img src="http://www.constructionweekonline.com/pictures/Nile-Pans-Pic.jpg&quot;

  55. I commented on Dr. Oz’s website! I’d love to try one, but haven’t been able to convince my husband that it’s worth springing for – a FREE one would be just the thing!!

  56. I commented on Dr. Oz’s site! Would love to try one of these babies out!

  57. Comment posted!

  58. I left a comment and crossing my fingers I am a winner!

  59. The video announcing the winner is up on facebook! Thank you all for your participation. While not everyone could win, your support will help Squatty Potty get known make a change in bathroom habits.

    • For anyone who didn’t see the facebook post, my daughter Evelyn closed her eyes while I scrolled through the comments and then she pointed at the screen to choose a winner. The winner is Laelle! theprimalparent.com/2012/06/27/poop-like-your-primal-ancestors-and-squat/#comment-22868

  60. I’ve been trying to perch on the toilet seat, but I find it harder to get things out than if I’m sitting down. Am I doing it wrong?

  61. Using a footstool is NOT squatting. It’s just for people who are handicapped and unable to squat. The benefits of true squatting are much greater than the “benefits” of using a footstool like the squatty potty. To understand the difference see this link: http://www.naturesplatform.com/faq.html#lillipad

    • Indeed, using a foot stool is not squatting, which is why I recommend not using your kid’s little bathroom step stool. Climbing up on and perching onto a platform might not be an ideal solution for everyone either, especially in this society of obesity, arthritis, and inflexibility.

      Your product looks valuable but saying that the Squatty Potty is nothing more than a foot stool just sounds like slander to me.

      Your pictures (and, indeed, Squatty Potty’s own pictures) don’t do the stool justice. If you place the balls of your feet on the grip tape, your knees come right up under your armpits and you squat really quite well.

  62. Whee, I made a comment on Dr. Oz, too. Never thought I would have commented on a Dr Oz site.

  63. Just commented on Dr. Oz’s site — I’d LOVE to win a squatty potty! They make perfect sense from an anatomical/physiological perspective. So glad they’re getting mainstream media attention!

    • Oh, OOPS~! How funny. I guess I missed the contest deadline! Well, congrats to the winner, and I’ll for sure be getting me a Squatty Potty on my own dime. :)

  64. I commented, I love the idea of this product, just haven’t been able to afford to order one.

  65. I haven’t used a squat toilet or a squatty potty, but I did use a footstool today and it made such a huge difference, especially when I have a tummy ache! I am just wondering now what to do for at work, which is where I usually “go”. I am thinking of a portable folding step stool. Any other ideas?

    • Maybe you could leave a little foot stool there? Better than nothing I guess.

  66. I left a comment! But I guess it’s to late! Here’s what I said: Holy crap! Outrageous? Being constipated, now that’s outrageous! I’m down with that device if it helps me go! I’ll finally do my thing in 3 minutes rather than 30, and that’s on a good day! What do I got to loose? Except for… well you know ;).

    • Definitely, it’s outrageous being constipated. Unfortunately, mainstream doctors preach a very unhealthy view of what constipation is so people think it’s just fine to go days without pooping only to end up with a struggle on day 3. That’s just not normal!

  67. We offer a totally green beautiful wooden version called a “StoolStep”. Handcrafted in Eugene, Oregon, we use only sustainably harvested redwood and non-toxic finish. Functional, beautiful, made in the USA and good for the environment!

  68. Left a comment. This would really help my son.

  69. Well, as usual I’m a day (7 months) and a dollar short. I recently learned of the squatty potty (where have I BEEN!??!), and I’m sooo wanting the bamboo. I’ve been to Morocco 4x now and they HAVE squat toilets which I thought were so “primitive” (what a snob) and backwards. All along its been my nit wittiness that has been wrong!!

    If you have an extra bamboo squatty potty lying around and wish to help a girl out, please let me know. I am using a small step stool for now which seems to work well.

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