Beef Carpaccio (Fancy Raw Beef)


Usually Sundays are adventure day, but today it was cooking day. I am the October featured chef for US Wellness, Grassland Beef so I’ve got a lot of cooking to do! Today’s adventure in the kitchen was one of my all time favorites, Beef Carpaccio.

Beef Carpaccio Recipe:
1lb beef tenderloin
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Green olives
Slices of Parmesan cheese

Tie the tenderloin to maintain its shape and place in freezer until frozen (freezing the beef ensures that it stays raw while you sear it).

Rub the frozen tenderloin with the salt and pepper. Heat up olive oil in a skillet and brown all sides of the meat, approximately 4 minutes total.

Place the beef back in the freezer for about an hour. Toss the arugula in olive oil, salt, pepper, and lemon juice and set aside.
Slice the meat as thinly as possible (freezing makes it easier to slice the beef).

Place a layer of waxed paper over each slice and pound with a meat mallet (or a Le Creuset pan if that’s all you’ve got).

Place the meat on chilled plates, sprinkle with a little lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper.
Top with Parmesan slices, and arugula salad. Add olives for garnish.

This dish was so amazingly good! The US Wellness beef tenderloin was well marbled and tender and perfectly flavorful.

I shared it with my neighbors which was hilarious because they’re all afraid of raw meat. And of course, you know who loved it more than anyone, Evelyn – the self-proclaimed raw beef connoisseur.

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  1. Looks Fantastic and I’m definitely making this for myself next weekend.

  2. Omg…been DYING for Carpaccio. This is great! Hey…this brings me to a few questions about handling meat in general. Thanks to you and your awesomeness, I’ve dipping more and more into the raw jar and my body is SINGING! Eggs in the morning go down way easier than I expected. I just got an order from US Wellness. I had a filet that I intended to eat raw, but ended up searing. It was mostly raw. I also have a pound of frozen livers. I’m only me and a little person. I don’t know how much raw meat we can eat in one sitting. Once meat is thawed, it must be consumed, yes? You can’t refreeze it, right? My intention with the livers was to chop them into pill sizes and swallow them down. But then I got a pound all frozen. So now I’m just not sure how to handle it safely. Any suggestions? Also, I would have liked to have cut the filet into manageable pieces but once thawed, I was at a loss. Any suggestions?

    Again, thank you for being so bold + public with all your experimentation. If you’da tole me a year ago, I’d be slugging down raw eggs and eating meat with blood rolling down my chin, I’da fallen off my chair laughing.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Jamie. Seeing your little thumbnail pic always makes me so happy by the way.

      My little one and I are the only ones eating the liver here too. So I buy a pound from US Wellness and have to thaw it out a bit to cut it up into serving sizes. I do that and throw it back into the freezer. It’s not ideal but that’s what I have to do. As far as safe handling, I don’t actually pay any heed to safe handling. I don’t wash my hands after touching meat, I never clean with disinfectants. Never have since I started eating meat raw 4 years ago.

      • I’m cracking up…we are the same way about washing hands here. Most people would cringe if they followed me around for a day. But I’m never sick. Thanks for the liver advice!

        And for the record: I’m happy every time I see your turquoise thumbnail. It was the first thing I noticed when I found you on MDA. I was like, Damn. That woman looks Happy + Healthy. I want what she’s got.

  3. This looks amazingly good right now. Raw meat here I come! I am ready.

  4. The restaurant I work at serves a beef carpaccio, and I’d never thought of making it at home, so thanks! We garnish with spinach, hard-boiled egg and capers, a very tasty combination.

    • That sounds good too. One of my neighbors said he likes to eat it garnished with peanuts. Mmmm.

  5. Hi Peggy! Love your site by the way.

    I was wondering, did you eat raw food while you were pregnant? My husband and I are trying to start a family and I’m trying to prepare my body to do so.

    I have read and heard that raw food is not safe to consume while pregnant. However, does that really matter just as long as you purchase from a reliable source? What’s your take?

    Thanks for your time! Crystal.

    • Hey Crystal, thanks! I wasn’t in to raw foods yet when I was pregnant. I didn’t get into it till about the last 6 months or so of breast feeding, at which time I mostly lived on raw meats, as did my daughter.

      Raw meats are often avoided in the early stage while the placenta is developing. Very soon the baby is very well protected from any illness the mother might contract. But eating clean raw seafood and grassfed (and finished) raw meats probably won’t ever cause you to get sick much less the baby. If you’re worried about it, you can always freeze the meat first!

  6. Thanks Peggy for the recipe. I can SO do this. Beef Carpaccio, it’s what’s for dinner tonight. :o)

  7. This looks absolutely amazing. I never think of doing anything exciting with raw meat. It’s great to be able to bounce ideas off each other yeah? And, Peggy – featured chef???? :D Is someone having fun in the kitchen :) I think I need to try going all raw for awhile. Before, I always felt like crap, and that’s just the way it was. Now though, I feel like crap, and I know I’m eating something I shouldn’t be, but I can’t figure it out. Going raw seems like a good place to start. My stomach is all over the place these.

    • I have been easing off cooked meat lately myself as a matter of fact. It happens to me from time to time. I’ve been all about sashimi, oysters, raw beef, milk and stuff like that lately.

      It’s pretty fun to cook really expensive dishes on somebody elses dime, that’s for sure!

  8. Me again…sorry to bug you. So the raw liver is going down way easier than I expected. Is there any sort of limit on how much you can/should eat of it a day? Do you, personally, tend to eat a little everyday or eat a bunch once a week? Does it matter?

    And where do you buy your sashimi? I could eat that all day long.

    Thanks, Peggy!

    • Jamie, a lot of people eat it once a week. That’s what I normally do too. I doubt you’d be in any danger of overeating it if you only ate it once per week.

      I usually go out for sashimi, but I buy oysters from whole foods.

  9. Peggy!
    This recipe was wonderful and awesome and amazing! I made it for hubby’s birthday on Tuesday, and we ate leftovers again last night! YUM! Thank you!

  10. I like the last sentence best!:D

  11. Ay! When I decide to prepare raw beef myself I may have to give this recipe a try – looks awesome!

  12. @Crystal – despite the advice of some on this comment list, it is an immensely bad idea to eat raw meats/dairy products whilst pregnant or trying to fall pregnant. Even if you yourself feel no symptoms, toxoplasmosis, salmonella and listeria that may be present in the food sources can lead to miscarriage, septicaemia and abnormal development. I’m not preaching – the decision is ultimately yours – but a short 9-month wait and you can eat whatever you like, knowing that your baby is safe.

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