It is Safe to Eat Raw Meat – A Guide to Choosing the Right Type


No, I’m not trying to commit mass genocide here by posting about eating raw meat and am definitely not trying to off my own daughter. If I were, I suppose I could do it with a potent dose of Foot and Mouth disease or maybe some good ol’ E. coli, but that’s not what I’m propounding you consume.

Believe it or not, you and your family can eat raw meat for good health as long as you eat the right kind. My daughter and I (and thousands of other people) have been doing it for years and have never been sick. The important thing to note is that all meat is not created equally. There’s the range stuff – cows who eat grass on farms, and there’s the feedlot stuff – cows who eat grains and live in their own black muck. Meat from the latter can harbor some pretty nasty viruses and bacteria – we hear about them all the time in the news – but the fact is that meat from animals who eat their natural diets and live in their natural habitats don’t get sick. And neither will you if you eat them.

Why Eat Raw Meat

  • Raw meat is easy to digest. Many people note that indigestion is eliminated after switching to raw meat, although one probably wouldn’t have indigestion if they didn’t eat grains.
  • Raw meat has more vitamins than cooked meat and contains enzymes for digestion.
  • Raw meat contains fewer free radicals and no heat-mutated proteins.
  • Raw fats help balance metabolism and detoxify the body.

Types of Beef; Some Terminology

‘Cage free’ is a worthless delineation as is the term ‘organic’ – animals labeled in this way are usually fed a vegetarian diet and likely live in tight pens. ‘Free range’ is an easily abused term (though I would contact the manufacturer to be sure; some of it is actually grass fed) which can be legally used by operations who include a door in the animal’s pen, leading to a square of dirt outside. ‘Grass fed’ is the only term which guarantees that the animals eat grass their whole lives.

“The AGA defines grass-fed products from ruminants, including cattle, bison, goats and sheep, as those food products from animals that have eaten nothing but their mother’s milk and fresh grass or grass-type hay from their birth till harvest.”

There are also terms such as ‘grain finished’ meaning that the animals ate grass most of their lives until the final fattening up phase. Unfortunately, this is not a whole heck of a lot better because it doesn’t take long for the animals to begin losing their superior fatty acid profile. For poultry and eggs, the term ‘pastured’ is the equivalent to ‘grass fed.’ (The day after I posted this, Mark Sisson posted an article about animal’s diet, living conditions, nutrition, cost and taste. You can check out the article on MDA)

How Can I Be Sure My Raw Meat Won’t Hurt Me?

Follow the above guidelines for choosing your meat and look in to the company that sells it. I buy a lot of my beef from US Wellness Grassland Beef (as well as what is available from local farms). They choose beef (and poultry) from grassfed farms and supply every cut you could possibly desire, including organs.

Choosing grassfed beef is vital when consuming the animal raw (unless you have plenty of hydrochloric acid and a robust immune system… which you should on this diet anyway) because the chance of disease festering in these animals is next to nothing.

Tangent Alert!
Disease needs a gross place to feed if it’s to live.  Harmful bacteria and viruses fester in overpopulated areas and in animals who are undernourished and, especially in animals who eat food which they are not designed to digest. Cows, for example have a second, massive stomach which is designed to ferment grass in order to extract its nutrients and protein. When that stomach attempts to digest grains it becomes overly acidic and causes the cow all kinds of problems from feedlot-bloat to acidosis to diarrhea and liver disease. Since the animal cannot extract sufficient nutrients from grains it will eventually suffer nutritional deficiencies. These nutritional deficiencies cause a weakening of the immune system, which in turn makes them more susceptible to all those cattle diseases we hear of in the news. (Check out this interesting article about how replacing grains with hay just before slaughter eliminates E. coli.)

The Living Conditions of the Animals Makes All the Difference

Cows should wander and nibble on grass all day, not gorge on grains out of troughs on black farms. Grass is what keeps cows strong and healthy. They have evolved to extract every gram of protein and every last nutrient out of grass.

Pigs eat a wider variety of foods such as insects, roots, and leaves. They don’t carry trichinosis when they are free to run and eat their omnivorous wild diet, but when they sit in pens without so much as an inch to move in either direction disease spreads.

Chickens are omnivores, closer to carnivores actually. Always beware of eggs and chickens which advertise “vegetarian fed.” Chickens should spend their days pecking and scratching at insects, lizards, and other wiggly things.

My daughter and I recently spent a day at TLC Ranch – a free range farm in Watsonville, CA – where we took these lovely photos. We were amazed to discover that they supplement the chicken’s diet with leftover pig hearts and organs!

I think one’s intuition should suffice in determining which animals to eat raw – the evidence is truly in the product. Factory farms administer anti-biotics to their sick chickens, cows, and pigs while pastured, grass fed, and even free-range farms don’t need to do this.

If, however, you’re not sure about the purity of your meats or if you’re just new to this and feel a little sheepish experimenting on your kids, freeze the meat first for 14 days before eating raw. Freezing kills off all the bad bacteria and parasites (this is what sushi restaurants do), unfortunately, it also kills off a little of the good stuff – but it’s still better than nothing!

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  1. Wow. Is that raw meat cold or room temp? What does it taste like? I totally agree that raw meat is good for you….but to be honest, it kinda grosses me out. How did you start eating it? Or did you never have an aversion to it to begin with?

    • It’s cold. I prefer it that way. It all started because I had a tough time digesting meat all my life so I started eating raw seafood for protein because I could digest it better. Eventually I would eat raw shrimp and just about any swimmy thing as I got used to it. Eventually I started learning more and more about the primal diet and found that eating other proteins raw wasn’t uncommon. I just had to try it because it was so bizarre! I did think it was gross but it was great too because I could finally digest beef! I found this to be true with any meat. Eventually I developed a taste for it but still only kind of. I mean, my daughter has been eating raw meat since she was a baby and she really craves it. (What would you like for breakfast Evelyn? “Raw beef!”) I definitely wouldn’t say I crave it but I eat it because it makes me feel so good. I do eat cooked meat too now by the way, but for a couple of years there it was raw meat all the way! The cool thing is that when I got into raw meat I got my sister and her two teenage kids into it too. We were all an awesome little support team. :)

  2. As a primal parent, what would you personally recommend for parents who have started their children off on the worst of the worst of the worst of SAD diets? We’re talking a kid so picky they only pretty much eat processed pizza, shelf bottled apple juice, and white bread, not even meat, with very bad teeth issues, nasty temper tantrums and aggression/resistance if you try to give them other foods even cooked meat, fruits, or vegetables. How would you approach getting a child like that open to traditional and/or primal diet type foods? Thanks.

    • Also, the answer isn’t specifically for me. Tryin to figure out a way to help my aunt get her son out of what could be a messy life if he doesn’t clean up his act soon. He’s 5. Very narrow face and degenerating fast. Yes, I am an official PDer, approved by the USD of AV (Aajonus Vonderplanitz).

  3. I grew up in the 70s and our family ate raw meat all of the time. I haven’t done it as an adult now because of health concerns but you make me want to start again! I can still envision the taste with a little salt and pepper! Congrats!

    • How cool. I love to hear that. My daughter is the only one I know who grew up eating raw meat. She’s the only one I know who thinks that stuff is so good. :)

  4. There is something subversive and wonderful about watching an adorable (and healthy!) kid partake in food that nauseates most adults.

    Question for you, if you’d be so kind: Are there any particular cuts of meat or fat to seek out or avoid? I’m getting 1/8th of a grassfed cow soon, and I’m looking forward to eating some of it raw.

    Also, I tried marrow raw a couple months back. Not particularly pleasing, but not horrendous, either.

    • Raw marrow is one of my favorite things! Mmm. If you mix it with a little bit of honey it tastes like those grocery store pink and white animal cookies with little sprinkles that have been around forever. At least I think it does. I haven’t actually had one of those cookies in about 10 years. :P

      I also eat a little bit of raw liver. I don’t personally like it, but that was one of my daughter’s first foods so I got used to forcing some down with my nose plugged (but I won’t let her see me do it!).

      Raw ground beef is super easy to eat because it’s soft but another one of our favorites is a steak just seared on the outside and totally raw all the way through. She goes crazy for that! Any tender steak will do. You can always tenderize it first too.

      • Yeah, Peggy…I just tried the raw marrow with a touch of honey. So NOT the circus cookies! But I put a touch of maple syrup on it and convinced myself it was one of those sugary, gooey maple leaves.

        • Awe, seriously? Maybe it’s been too long since I’ve actually had circus cookies, you think? But it reminded me so much…

  5. i don’t believe anyone can really call one’s self “paleo” without eating raw meat.

    i eat most of my meat and fish raw (and yeah, don’t forget organs and marrow).

    good on ye’ for this.

  6. Organs and marrow are like my supplements :)

  7. Hi there,
    Just to let you know–your body doesn’t “utilize the proteins” that you take in and they don’t make you “nice and strong”. Your body breaks them down and uses the pieces to build all kinds of things (including muscles).

    • Oh my gosh you totally caught my brain fart!

      I don’t know if you could tell how camera shy I was on that video. Just about everything I said was ridiculous.

      I have wanted to delete it but people keep saying how cute it is and so many people have seen it now, I’m just not sure what to do. Maybe delete it would be a good idea…

  8. I meant to tell you this a couple weeks ago. My five year old is a bit picky. He has his foods that he likes, and while they’re not all bad (he loves broccolli, and carrotts) that’s what he sticks to. Well, the day after I watched your video, I was over at my in-laws for our weekly Sunday dinner, and I was tenderizing a steak for my father-in-law. In walks Brendon from playing football (soccer) and he says “what’s that, can I try it?” And I, barely daring to believe it said “like this?” He said yes, and asked what it was called again. I said Raw beef, and he said, “yes, Robby, can I have some Robby? So I cut a chunk off, and cut that chunk into little cubes, salted it, put some herbs over it, and he couldn’t get enough of it.
    I’m still blown away by it. Now, in the mornings, we’ll often have raw beef while my older son, Titus, and my Husband have their scrambled eggs (I have both yum, steak and eggs :) Had to share. And, while I did correct him, it was so cute to hear him calling it Robby!

    • Wow! Great story. Maybe eating meat raw is just in our natural instincts. My mom used to slap my hands every Sunday because I would sneak raw bacon. A good friend of mine was the same way when she was a kid. Neither of us liked it cooked but we loved it raw. It would be interesting to see how many kids would eat raw meat if only they were allowed to.

  9. Great post! I’m currently reading Nourishing Traditions, which isn’t paleo but still based on Weston Price’s research. I am fascinated but also grossed out by the thought of eating raw meat. I had read years ago that people were doing this and thought it was a little crazy. Then I read about Price’s finding that all these very healthy populations eat some raw meat–that’s all I really needed to know to be convinced. Still, not sure I could do it…I’m thinking of “under-cooking” our meat though, as a compromise.

    • Me too, Lisa. I had seen Aajonus Vanderplanitz on Believe it or Not and couldn’t believe it. I thought he was a lunatic.

      Years and years later I happened upon Weston Price and learned how far from tradition we are in America and that our escape from it is proving dangerous.

      I was thrilled to finally see examples of what human beings are really meant to be.

  10. Oh yeah, and under-cooking is a great way to start. You just may find yourself with a taste for it in time!

  11. ‘I was thrilled to finally see examples of what human beings are really meant to be.’


    Great blog, btw. I’ve just added it to my reader.

  12. I love that you are promoting eating of raw meat. Even for your child. I eat raw meat and I love the taste. It digests very easily. People could start by ordering TarTare from a trusted restaurant (usually an appetizer in a fine French restaurant). I have made my own TarTare by chopping a lean cut of beef and adding spices. It’s so yummy! Glad I can make it at home.

  13. Love this! I grew up eating rare steaks, but discovered the joy of blue steaks when I was a teen by accident. When I cook steaks or roasts now, I literally just sear the outside on a very hot skillet. My kids love it this way too, and refuse to eat beef that is thoroughly cooked through.

  14. How do you prepare your raw meat? I just can’t imagine myself taking it out of the package and eating it… do you wash it off? Drink the blood?

    I LOVE raw eggs in smoothies. I seem to digest eggs better when they are raw. I’ll be doing this more and more. It’s an AWESOME alternative to whey protein powder!

    And do you really eat poultry raw? It just seems kind of impossible. How do you chew it?

    I eat beef medium rare but don’t mind rare. My environment just tells me to stay away from raw animal products…….

    But, I will be on my own in no time!

  15. Yeah I just take it out of the package and eat it! And yes I drink the blood. (Shhh don’t tell anybody, they will probably start to think I’m a little weird.)

    Like I’ve said a million times around here, I really hate cooking and preparing foods in general. Whereas I suspect you would make a tasty smoothy to get down your raw eggs, I would just chug them raw and be done with it. (Not that I never cook. I totally do, I just cook single ingredients usually and rarely use recipes.)

    So, same goes for raw meat. I just eat it raw and get it over with. I really love a good steak tartar but there are two problems with it for me – one is that I would have to do a lot of cutting and mixing (bleh), and two is that I can’t eat vegetable oils (no, not even the “good” ones) so I’m kinda stuck eating it plain and boring.

    Evelyn and I actually sprinkle some herbs and salt on it before we eat it, but that’s all.

    As for chicken, back when I was doing the raw meat Primal diet, yeah I ate raw chicken. But I would marinate it in lemon juice first. I haven’t actually done that for years. But it sure can be done! You can read the book We Want To Live for raw meat recipes.

  16. I just read this post. I need to get used to eating less cooked meat but I was so surprised that my son who is two just dove right in and ate ground hamburger ( grass fed). I almost think he prefers it. He ate quite a bit more than I expected. I am certain he’s eat raw eggs too. I can’t believe a year ago, before I really knew about primal, I was always telling him to wash his hands after touching meat. Those days are long gone.

  17. I’m hunting around your site tonight, already a Primal Blueprint convert (in theory if not in practice). I thought I was doing well to get a raw avocado in my smoothie every morning. I just can’t imagine raw meat at this point. But, I’m going to try to remain open. Do you have a comprehensive list of ideas for raw proteins? Like, I would probably go for raw oysters or something like that, just because it is already commonly accepted (and because I wouldn’t have to chew it). I saw U.S. Wellness Meats sells raw braunshweiger and since I already enjoy braunschweiger, that is something I can imagine I would eat. So, any other ideas? It would be nice to have a brainstormed list.

    • Definitely a good suggestion. Off the top of my head I’d say the easiest raw animal foods to eat are:
      1. Sashimi – either tuna, salmon, or yellow tail
      2. Oysters
      3. Raw eggs are easy, just gulp them down
      4. Raw ground beef with salt and herbs is often preferred to cooked beef by kids
      5. Raw milk if you can get your hands on it
      6. Blood from a beef package seems totally and completely barbaric but it’s actually quite pleasant

    • who cooks avocado?

  18. Aw man, I am such a wuss when it comes to meat, I can do a rare steak but that’s about as far as it goes! I wish I could enjoy raw stuff. I might try my kids on raw ground beef though. We have hens, and they pretty much look like the girls in your photo, and we also get fresh raw organic jersey cow milk delivered once a week, so I guess we get raw something!
    I’m totally enjoying your blog btw, very inspiring. I am a very slack primal eater, and haven’t really even tried to get my kids off a relatively healthy SAD diet, they have coconut cream berry smoothies and plenty of meats and veges and fruit, and raw dairy products and eat slices of grassfed butter, but still waaaay too much wheat and processed stuff :(

    • Raw milk IS raw food. And if you’re not sensitive to dairy, then that’s great!

      It sounds like you’re on your way with your kids. Thank god they aren’t on the all too common cereal, soda, and mac&cheese diet!

      • Actually Raw Milk can be digest if you are Lactose intolerant. I am a Raw Dairy farmer *proud owner of Dairy Goats* A lot of my customers are cancer, MS, Diabetes, and LI people. The good probiotics *good bacteria* in raw milk are what allows them to actually have living dairy. Pasteurization is what causes *I believe* lactose intolerance. I am a very strong supporter of raw milk and raw foods in general because they have helped me with my blood stasis and also my macular degeneration. Also I had a question about raw grass fed pork, as in nothing but the pasture and raw whey and such to the pig, has anyone tried it? I had bits of it with no effort but to eat a good amount I am curious.

        • Holly, thanks for adding that. Indeed that is the general concensus, that raw milk can be digested by all, even those with lactose intolerance. This isn’t entirely true, however. It can be digested by some who are lactose intolerant. When I was a part of the Weston Price group in California, the members really tried to push this idea on me. As I insisted that even raw milk gave me diarrhea, they insisted it wasn’t possible, that something else was causing it. I tried for way too long to include raw milk, which was ridiculous. I was just poisoning myself with maldigestion. Over the years I have known many people who are lactose intolerant and cannot tolerate raw milk. Lactose intolerance actually does exist. It has been observed all over the world. However, people who are lactose intolerant should be encouraged to try raw milk. They may just find that they can tolerate it. But they should not be told that they absolutely can digest it and that the enzymes present in the raw milk will take care of all the lactose, because this just isn’t true. A body needs to produce some lactase of its own.

        • amazing bit of truth here holly!! and thank you for farming Raw!!! keep up the great work!!!

  19. Peggy, I haven’t been on forums lately to find out if there is a “parenting” area for people to discuss transitioning kids, etc. Does he have such an area yet, or do you have any other place where parents are discussing the transitional family to primal?

    • I am not sure about his forum. I visited it some months ago and didn’t see much going on for families. But at there is a forum for primal families. There might be something helpful in there.

      Feel free to ask questions in the comments on a kid-related post here too because people often do respond.

      I’m thinking about getting a forum going here, but I’m not sure how fast that’s going to happen….

  20. My apologies if this is a bit rude but, as a child I grew up listening to my father say “wipe it’s ass and put it in my plate”. I loved to eat meat as raw as I could get it, however have not ventured down that path since childhood.

    Just curious, specifically what herbs might you suggest for raw beef/raw hog? Does your daughter have preferences? I plan to try raw meat this week with my kids (2 & 4 yrs), and wanted the first experience to be positive. Also, do you have any suggestions for the first cuts to try out?

    • That’s funny!

      We have a mix of Italian herbs that she loves. The blend is by Frontier and it’s called Herbs of Itally. Quite often though, she just prefers a tiny bit of salt. While she likes a lot of salt on cooked meat, she gets mad at me if I over do it on her raw meat. :) These days my daughter’s favorite raw foods are these:

      1. raw ground beef
      2. any kind of sashimi dipped in tamari – she will eat a whole plate of raw fish
      3. raw egg yolk in yogurt – up until she was 4.5, she ate raw egg yolk with mashed banana ,it’s too babyy now I guess

      She quit liking raw oysters all of a sudden but she’ll eat them anyway when I ask her to.

  21. Great advice. thanks. I have only eaten Tiger Meat(recipe, not animal). I will gobble it up. Love the texture of the raw beef. Maybe the next time I make a batch, I’ll take a nibble before I mix it all up. Cool. Thanks again.

  22. I love eating raw meat, but i usually cook it because i thought denatured protein was better absorbed by the body. is this a myth?

    • I don’t honestly know. Traditional cultures eat raw meat, and so I do too. Reports haven’t suggested that they eat it all raw though, so neither do I.

  23. I just started looking into paleo and was wondering how to handle the kids and that’s how I found your blog! Anyway I wanted to add on the raw meat topic that when I was a kid we ate raw meat all the time. We used to make “canon balls” which are ground beef, salt/pepper, onion and parsley (I think) and I LOVED IT! But then when I got to be around 10’ish (1980’s) we stopped b/c my family was worried about bacteria. So the idea doesn’t sound odd to me at all. Now if I could just find some healthy beef I’d give it to my family! Thanks for the blog and I’m SO happy you’ve healed yourself and made your little miracle girl!

  24. I am an ovo-lacto-vegetarian, but I support you. I’m pretty sure that a raw food-based diet is much safer.

    About raw milk, I disagree with you in one respect. I read a comment made by you where you said that you can drink raw milk “if you tolerate it”. I don’t agree. Raw milk, just like raw meat, contains enzymes and other things that make the raw milk easy to digest, even by a lactose intolerant. Do you usually drink raw milk?

    Greetings, and I’m sorry if I have made any mistake while writing, because I’m not a native English speaker (I’m from Spain).

    PD: I’m eating a raw carrot right now :)

    • Hey there. Yes, of course raw milk is better tolerated by almost everyone, but there are still some people that have allergies to dairy and whose digestion is so messed up that even a little lactose with enzymes is problematic. Some people’s situation isn’t good and food choices can be much more difficult for them. Years ago I was so severely lactose intolerant (I’m not at all now) that I couldn’t have raw milk without fermenting it fist – and not just a 4 hour fermentation. I fermented it for about 16 hours before I could tolerate it.

      • Oh, interesting. And of course, an allergie to dairy is other respect, and a person with that allergy wouldn’t tolerate raw milk.

        I live in Almería, the driest place in Europe, there is no cows farms in hundreds of kilometers around, so, unfortunately, I can’t get raw milk. Can you get it? How does it take? Does your girl drink it? If that’s so, I guess she doesn’t have any allergy (raw milk is good against them).

        By the way, do you think my English is good?

  25. HI!
    I Have been a big promoter of grass fed, and I also order from US WELLNESS and organic pastures here in California. Can you tell me how you store and prepare?
    I tried yesterday..i took the frozen pack of ground beef out, then seared it for 10 seconds each side(i made baby patties, we are working towards raw). then put the bag back in the fridge. I couldnt help but thinking my hands had contaminated some of the leftover meat, and if i was to let the rest of the bag sit in the fridge that it might give e coli a chance to grow?
    anay thoughts?
    thank you
    cassiel shaakazula

    • Hi there Cassiel. I don’t worry about bugs, haven’t for years. I don’t bleach my counters. I don’t even wash my hands after handling meat. I’ve written a couple of other posts about raw meat and parasites. Of course, I don’t eat feedlot meat or junk food either.

  26. i have been eating raw for a long time now, but i use to be just a vegan, so i stayed away from all meats
    but as i work out more and put on muscle bulk… i only crave fresh meat and blood
    i have tried every high protien food other then meat, and its just not the same
    i really hate cooking my food and what it does to it, especially when it comes to my meat
    so i have been experimenting with raw meat here and there
    this site was full of tons of great info that i plan to use
    everyone thinks im crazy for wanting fresh blood… but the way i look at it our stomache just turns whatever food we consume into blood so why not skip that step and get more nutrition/less waste
    i just ate a peice of raw chicken breast… and yet everyone says NO poultry i have ate countless other types of raw meat, and this is just the crap store bought kind… even though im risking it i never have got sick. If its so dangerous… then shouldnt i have died or atleast got ill?
    clearly i need to start getting better sources for my meat i see that will be the key to healthy nutrition
    there is one meat source that is 7 billion strong and i wouldnt mind trying either… people here think its wrong but i look at life is just exchange of nutrients…survival of the fittest
    why is it “right” to breed animals in captivity/slavery simply for your food source yet its “wrong” to take one or two of the largest populated species on earth?
    anyone ever eat human meat? cant be that bad its just meat
    the few people i have talked to about it (i try to keep it to myself for obvious reasons)..think probably what you think… im insane or something, but all i care about is giving my body the nutrients it deserves… i cant live the way other people in this society do..people here are all about taste they couldnt care less about nutrition… so sad
    everyone here just wants the
    S ugar
    O ils/fat
    S alts
    i would say they need HELP with their daily intake!
    thanks for the great info and spreading the word that all meat isnt tainted just because its raw
    i look forward to reading the rest of your site and seeing what info i can absorb
    thanks primal parent!

    • If you’re for real…than you are definitly under demonic /dark spirtual influence & need to call upon Christ before its too late…your eternity may depend on it. If you are kidding; murder or any act of violence aganist another person is no laughing matter…dont wind up on the short end of the stick before discovering so…

  27. @Human Being…kinda begs the question – are you? A human being, that is? Or are you some sort of troll or psychopath? But in case your question was in earnest, Weston Price did visit a tribe of very healthy cannibals and said they ate organ meats. Most of us would not equate eating meat -raw or otherwise – with eating human. And it certainly isn’t necessary to eat human flesh to achieve optimum health. Animal flesh, however, is another matter. As much as we want to respect all life forms, veganism does not allow for sustainable health. Weston Price himself searched the world over for vibrantly healthy vegan tribes and was unable to find any.

    I’m delighted to have found your website, Peggy. I admire your tireless quest for good health. My daughter is healing from a severely crippling rheumatoid arthritis eating raw milk, raw egg yolks, raw liver, raw butter, sushi, steak tartare, home-cured duck prosciutto, fermented veggies, cod liver oil, etc. Mother Nature is kind and has provided every food we need to heal – we just need to NOT cook all of it!

    • “Mother Nature is kind and has provided every food we need to heal.” What consoling and true words. It is true. She is kind. Even the sickest of us can usually find our way back to health.

      • Mother nature does not exist but our Creator God is real & kind & has indeed provided abundantly & still does despite the fall of creation… May Lord Jesus truly bless you & family!

  28. Awesome site! Particularly enjoyed this article. I’ve eaten raw beef, yak, bison, and fish for a while, but while living in China I had my first raw PORK. The locals in Dali, Yunnan (云南,大利)explained (after I had protested that raw pork would kill us all!) pretty much just what you have written here. Just thought I’d throw a bit of validation your way. :-)

    • Thanks Vince! Indeed it is nice to hear from other logical folk not swayed by mainstream fear. :)

  29. I’ve been reading about eating raw food for a while now. (Raw food has always appealed to my taste buds, incidentally). And I really really want to try it–today! But I’m such a weak and sickly person. You say the body needs the “right terrain”, and I worry that mine isn’t. But then again, what about Aajonus? He was about as sick as you can get.

    • Yeah, I think Aajonus would tell you that raw meat is exactly what will cure you. And in my heart I agree with him – that if you eat raw meat, while also following a totally high nutrient primal diet you will heal and ward off infection.

  30. Thanks for the info & taking time to share this helpful & interesting information! In reference to the cows it should actually read (in regards to accuracy): ” ‘created’ to extract every gram of protein and every last nutrient out of grass.” :)

  31. It is so great to see you feeding your daughter Raw meat, I switched to a 100% raw diet a few months ago and continue to feel healthier every day. Bravo at the great work and keep it up. :)

  32. If raw meat is so good for humans, do you know who began cooking meat and why? Cooking takes an awful lot of time (back then and now). Why would anyone randomly come up with that?

    • There are a lot of theories out there and a lot of debate on the subject. Some almost seem to defend cooked meat so thoroughly as to shun raw meat all together. For some interesting pro cooked meat reading, check out Catching Fire. I don’t think cooked meat is all bad. But I see a whole lot of value in eating some meat raw.

    • raw meat is tough to me so maybe that’s why they started cooking it.

  33. This is the first time I’ve ever been on this…site I guess, so I don’t really know about the other things you may have written. I just typed in “eating raw meat” and this came up, aha. But this was very useful to me, so thanks for sharing it. I’ve never eaten raw meat before, but I’ve always wanted to. It just seems a lot more natural to me. And I also like how you use the term “primal” in a good way. Most people (if you mention being primal in any way) will just think of cave men or something…

  34. Actually, freezing doesnt kill bacteria and many parasites any more than that it doesnt kill many kinds of fish and amphibians.

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